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Matthew Reynolds is an incarcerated inmate in Arizona who has spent his time behind bars developing a relationship with his Creator. A highly intelligent and thoughtful generalist, Matthew breaks down the difficult issues of the day and guides others as he is guided from behind prison walls to influence this world in a positive direction. For him, it is all about love and light as he embraces Shalom in an environment that isn't so peaceful. Writeaprisoner: Matthew Reynolds, Arizona
Kids Imprisoned is a 7-part series investigating juvenile justice in America. It's produced by Carnegie-Knight News21, a national multimedia reporting project produced by the nation's top journalism students and graduates. This year, 35 journalism students virtually reported through video conferencing, examining challenges and disparities America's youth face in the criminal justice system.
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In a world like this, simply telling the truth can make you a hero. Matthew conducts a faith building exercise to bring supernatural empowerment upon the nations. There has never been a time when REVIVAL was needed more than it is today. God help us!โดย Matthew Reynolds
What does cultural and racial divisiveness have to do with spiritual darkness? What can we learn from James on the importance of refraining 'respect of persons' and the judgement that so many pass? How does tribalism play into our current social dynamic? Matthew explores these and many more questions, wrapping the difficulties with the concise comm…
There are very stark differences between the 'old nature' and the 'Spirit'. There are nine 'Fruits' that are produced within the life of the redeemed. Matthew breaks these down in simple terms to give greater clarity and guidance for a brighter future.โดย Matthew Reynolds
What is happening within the spiritual realm in regards to our current cultural dynamic? Matthew breaks down what the Holy Spirit has shown him about what current events mean and where we are headed.โดย Matthew Reynolds
Matthew expresses his desire for all to recognize The God of Creation. He explains briefly who Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh is and why He should be glorified. Love should be the characteristic that defines the creation in which we live. That is what He desires.โดย Matthew Reynolds
Matthew explains what steps can be taken to fulfill every man's destiny and become every woman's dream. To become a representative of truth, one must embrace wisdom and discipline. To be a good ambassador, one must follow the Chief Ambassador.โดย Matthew Reynolds
Matthew breaks down his daily routine and why it is so important to set time aside for God each day. The Essence of Knowledge is closer than you think.โดย Matthew Reynolds
Whether we realize it or not, we are all connected. Embracing the cosmic reality of desired harmony in a world of disharmony is only achievable through real repair. Repair of the soul leads to repair of the world.โดย Matthew Reynolds
Based on the laws in the places they live and the adults who happen to be involved in their cases, kids in the juvenile justice system have dramatically different outcomes, setting their lives on a number of different trajectories.โดย News21
While many detention centers have seen improvements in the last 20 years, life inside facilities may be worse for some kids than what we see on the surface. New21 examined sexual assault, employee misconduct and use of solitary confinement.โดย News21
Kids across the country deal with unequal treatment because of their identity: their race, ethnicity, disability or gender identity. Barriers, challenges and injustices in the juvenile justice system give them wildly different experiences than their peers.โดย News21
What happens after juveniles are arrested and how are their destinations decided? The journey is complicated, with different laws, judges and protocols adding up to more than 50 different systems, and endless possibilities for routes to facilities.โดย News21
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