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Are you an IT Manager trying to update the infrastructure to meet the business' ever changing needs while at the same time struggling to maintain stability? How to combine flexibility and reliability?Veris Associates, Inc. specializes in helping companies meet the demand of infrastructure evolution and availability through implementation of best practices processes. Our clients can sleep at night. How about you?Listen to the following articles by clicking the "Listen Now" button.
Welcome to AllThingsITSM. This is not a destination focused purely on ITSM, but a site that embraces all things IT and the ways that IT impacts the business both good and bad. From buzzwords like DevOps, Lean IT and the rest, to the latest and greatest in tech tools, service management, project management and best practice frameworks of all flavours. Our goal is to deliver the one destination that has everything you need if you are concerned about the value business gets from IT. So welcome ...
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As I have started to think about the future of the company I built over 25 years,My desire is for Ratio 1:1 to last far longer than I'm Alive.We recently hired a young man I think is capable of handling THE FUTURE OF FITNESS.check out this Interview with David Coleman. or text comments to "Sir-Earl" 708-829-2122…
Sometimes as people we tend to only look at the end result of a long journey.We want to get to the picture we see as the end result,the problem comes when we don't want to take the journey.Instant gratification,nothing worthwhile happens without the journey. Email:itsmyworld1podcast@gmail,com or text "Sir-Earl" at 708-829-2122…
We live in a world full of lies and excuses,we can start to make this world a better place by being honest with ourselves when we look in the mirror. or text comments to "Sir Earl" at 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
you have tried everything to get in shape.Just when you are ready to give up,you find that something that works for you.It's never too late just ask our client of the month. or text comments to "sir-earl" at 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
I have learned over the years motivation is a temporary emotion,and creates loser.Self-Discipline is a better way to accomplish your Dreams and Goals. "Sir-Earl" or text your comments to "sir-earl" 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
when you hold a grudge,It's like you drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.learn to forgive and become a better person today. or text your comments to "Sir-Earl" 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
We often have comments and opinions on the current generation. Are they the problem or the parents that raised them. or text "Sir-Earl" at 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
As we approach the holiday season,It's suppose to be our thankful season.But it's also the season with the highest rate of suicide. Your life is a tripod and you must have happiness in the three areas of your life,you must find your balance. I would love to hear your comments text "Sir Earl" at 708-829-2212…
Never try to fix a temporary problem,with a permanent hurt so bad today. that you feel the only solution is to kill yourself.It's always darkest before the dawn,things will and do get better. text your comments to "Sir-Earl at 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
working out is more than just about looking good.make the choices that lead to a better quality life for yourself. text your questions and comments to "Sir-Earl" 708=829-2122โดย Earl Bell
Everybody wants some form of success.But I have found more are willing to wish for it,than work for it.That's never going to HAPPEN. or text your questions and comments to"Sir-Earl" 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
I don't ask this question to compare.I simply ask to tell you no matter what, god has great things planned for your happens for you ,not to you. learn to use those circumstances as fuel. or text me at 708-829-2122.for questions or commentsโดย Earl Bell
I see a nation that make excuses without ever trying to achieve their dreams.Giving little to no effort and wonder why they remain average. or text questions and comments to "Sir Earl" at 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
We want to see change in the world. It starts at home, become the person you want to see generations down the line. or text your comments and opinions to "Sir-Earl" 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
There is no glory without without grit.I work in a profession that everybody looks for a short-cut or an easy way out.their is no Easy way,this journey requires you take every step. Email: or text your comments to "Sir-Earl" 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
There is an old saying.everybody wants to go to heaven,but nobody wants to die to get there. Nobody wants to sacrifice to get the things they say they want is the moral the story. or text "Sir-Earl" at 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
when we learn to support and respect ourselves then I believe others will do the same.Until that happens does black lives really matter? or text your comments to "Sir-Earl at 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
It seems the "new sexy" is owning your own business. Be careful this has been something I have been a part of for30 years,It's no where as easy as people think it is. or text "Sir-Earl: at 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
Stop making excuses why some people accumulate great wealth and others don't,It comes down to your priorities,sacrifices and habits. "Sir-Earl" or text comments to "Sir-Earl" 708-829-2122โดย Earl Bell
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