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My grandpa was an engineer at Detroit's WJR radio beginning in 1943. He kept what was considered ''trash'' at the time: the on-air master transcription discs of the radio shows that he liked. He also cut a lot of discs for his own use. I've inherited his collection of over 250 discs and am digitizing and podcasting them. If he were alive today, these are the things that would be on his iPod.
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La video recensione di Star Wars: L'ascesa di Skywalker: l'episodio IX diretto da J.J. Abrams che chiude in modo soddisfacente la saga di George Lucas.โดย Movieplayer.it
Yes, a new episode of the iPod Witch podcast. Unfortunately it is also the last episode. Thank you to all my listeners over the years. It’s been a good run, but it’s time to go. I will keep the site up forever. I will be stopping my podcast hosting either in September or October. I’ll do an update when I do. I am not sure if the podcasts will stay …
When Alexander Fleming came back from holiday he noticed that mould contamination on an experimental plate had killed a pathogen. Fleming wondered 'Why?' Careful observation, rigorous scientific thinking and painstaking experimental work led to the discovery of pencillin.โดย The Open University
When a glass flask was knocked to the floor in Eduard Benedictus' laboratory he was surprised to discover that the glass had shattered but somehow the flask stayed together. It was all the result of his assistant failing to clean away the remains of the previous experiment. Reading about a rash of car accidents gave him the inspiration to turn this…
In the 1950s, medical researcher Wilson Greatbach was building an oscillator to record heart sounds when he pulle dthe wrong resistor out of a box. When he assembled his device, it began to giv off a rhythmic electrical pulse. It was then realised his invention could be used as a pacemaker.โดย The Open University
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