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Artbeats has recruited design expert Steve Holmes of Energi Design to bring you bi-weekly video tutuorials which show you quick tips for using stock footage in your projects in innovative ways. Whether you're a novice wanting step-by-step instruction, or a veteran just looking to expand your creative possibilities, these tips, presented in After Effects, will help bring your projects to the next level. This version is for the iPod and Apple TV, a full resolution version is also available.
Math can be applied to pretty much everything in existence, and music is of no exception. Across this album, The Open University's Alan Graham shares his wealth of knowledge on the relationship between music and math, demonstrates many easy-to-follow theories and examples, and performs several pieces of traditional music with his band Betty's Kitchen. This material forms part of The Open University course MU120 Open mathematics.
How do you solve your problems? This album follows two facilitators as they lead a 2-day workshop in creative problem-solving, providing a chance to adopt a new approach to the difficulties we encounter in our daily lives. Their reflections on time-keeping and good facilitation provide insight whilst the group tackle problems they’ve experienced at work, using different processes and techniques. This material forms part of The Open University course B822, Creativity, innovation and change.
The Open University's researcher in volcanoes, Hazel Rymer explains why the Poás volcano in Costa Rica is her favourite, and how evidence form previous experiments there has lead her to believe there may be an environmental crisis - similar to one in the 1990's - on it's way. There have been changes in gravity above Poás, and Hazel talks us through some experiments she will be undertaking in the future.
Poinch est le premier portail et télévision musicale multimédia Suisse destinée à faire sortir de l'ombre les musiciens locaux, tous styles confondus. Vous êtes un diffuseur TV ou autre, contactez-nous car tous les reportages sont en format broadcast aussi (génériques inclus)! Soutenez nos musiciens locaux, diffusez les reportages Poinch et bien sûr les musiciens locaux et leurs musiques! :-)
Trackfiles is a podcast featuring caching news, equipment reviews, geomilestones, upcoming events, podcast flashbacks and YouTube videos. The website is www.trackfiles.tv You can also join the Trackfiles Facebook Fan Page and follow Trackfiles on Twitter. Also, you can see upcoming news and events on Trackfiles Delicious Page.
Fourier analysis encompasses a vast spectrum of mathematics which is often deemed confusing and sometimes frightening to those studying it. The tracks in this album aim to de-mystify the ideas behind the Fourier series and illustrate some of the numerous applications that exist, from telephony to stocking supermarket shelves. This material makes up part of the course MST209, Mathematical methods and models.


8Bit Brownies Inc.

GALACTICAST is a weekly sci-fi comedy show parodying all the worlds of geek-dom. From their apartment studio, Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jahchan (along with the other Galacticast players) mash-up their love of science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, and video-games to bring you hilarious sketches every Monday morning. My Veoh Show
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Ever imagine what people say "fake it till ypu make it" if it' true?. Surprising enough the world we living has new things everyday. Instagram, snapchat, tiktok are one of the social medias which have great impact the recent society especially who invest alot of time in social media in botth positive and negative way just to impress or for their bu…
In this episode we shall have an overview on different facts which reflects on how our friendship among ourselves where some of the facts would enable you to be able in choosing and abiding with good frienship. Don't waste time tap play button to listen the full episode
Gnome's new tricks, our favorite thing about the Raspberry Pi 3B+, Eric Raymond's call for an open source UPS, and the US city that banned Bitcoin mining. Plus Let's Encrypt rolls out wildcard certs, Firefox 59's new Linux feature, and why Wil Wheaton switched to Debian.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
OpenWatch is trying to free your wrist and empower modular smart watches, Fedora's solution to the IoT mess, and more AMP shenanigans from Google to take over the web. Debian and Kali land on Windows 10's Linux Subsystem, and Noah joins Chris from SCaLE16xโดย Jupiter Broadcasting
Developers are the new gold rush for OEMs and selling Linux is their way to get you to buy. Purism takes big steps to make their laptops more secure, the Linux kernel is ready for lockdown mode, and the new uses for Sailfish just might surprise you.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
A famous Solaris tool comes to Linux, Firefox is baking in ads & Google wants to take over the web with AMP. Plus Ubuntu's plans to collect user metrics, the Linux on Galaxy survey & Plasma desktop on a Nintendo Switch.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
It's week of major project releases, elementary OS gears up for some contested changes & Mozilla has a solution for the world's IoT mess. Plus fail0verflow gets Linux on the Nintendo Switch & our favorite new features of VLC 3.0.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
Red Hat shakes up the container world with its CoreOS purchase. Skype ships as a snap and Chris has a report from Canonical's recent development sprint. Plus more hardware for Plasma Mobile, Matrix gets a big boost & the FSF receives a large Bitcoin donation.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
Barcelona is switching to FOSS the right way, Nextcloud launches peer-to-peer encrypted video calls, big changes are coming to Google's AMP & why the BSD camp is laughing at Linux this week. Plus Fedora's new "primary architecture", Ubuntu 17.10 is back & more!โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
In the Congo Basin, the Baka, Bayaka and dozens of other rainforest peoples are being illegally evicted from their ancestral homelands in the name of conservation. "Their health is plummeting as a result.":https://www.survivalinternational.org/news/11882The big conservation organizations that support these conservation projects, like the World Wild…
We start with good news, fun speculation & an open source success story. Then we get into Meltdown and Spectre. Plus we follow up on the lawsuit that could split the community & then we eat some Bitcoin humble pie.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
Mozilla violates users' trust, Amazon has a new Linux, OpenSSH is coming to Windows & Intel blocks disabling of the Management Engine. Plus an update on the Conservancy's fight with the Software Freedom Law Center & more.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
The Ghost of Yahoo and Mozilla go to battle, the right way to abandon a project, the coming UK Bitcoin crackdown, and Android GO is released to OEMs. Plus the Intel ME situation that's much worse than previously known.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
Bitcoin breaks $10k & we ponder its true value, big companies join the compliance-first approach to GPLv2, we spot some red flags in the latest Raspbian x86 release & Mozilla has a new open source project. Plus Jolla gets in on the blockchain hype & we clarify the Linux LTS situation.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
Android tracking more invasive than previously known, Ubuntu wants your ideas for Mir & Linus gets heated about Kernel security while we focus on the technical issue at the heart of the matter. Plus a new magazine from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, several vulnerabilities in Intel's Management Engine & more!…
New details show Linux on Galaxy phones further along than expected, Bitcoin's bad week explained & CrossOver enables Windows apps, on ChromeOS. Plus Canonical puts out a call for help, Munich votes to return to Windows & Steam on Linux turns 5.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
It's a week of red flags and success. The Plasma Mobile project sets humble goals, Firefox learns new tricks, a TOR flaw for Linux users & Canonical joins the Gnome Advisory Board. Plus a new report claims every Bitcoin transaction uses as much energy as your house in a week & two legal matters that may have long-term impacts on the Linux community…
The Linux desktop on Samsung phones, Intel ME disabled on Purism laptops, big Kernel news & Ubuntu 17.10 is out. Plus our brief thoughts on the new Ubuntu release, its various flavors, an important milestone & the larger Open Source story.โดย Jupiter Broadcasting
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