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A quick mention of just how easy it is for someone with money and control of the knowledge outlets to absolutely screw over the population. Also numerous emails sent in including one from a man sleeping in his canopy when a huge face fills the window inches from his.โดย Steve Isdahl
Day 6 YouTube jail, the voices continue to be heard. A man recalls a being attempting to lure him out of his bedroom and into the woods. Not cool. Also, a man recalls seeing a "9 foot tall red haired MAN at the forest edge staring at him.โดย Steve Isdahl
I hit the river out back today, both to share emails and see what the water level is. Fishing in the am for sure! There is a lot to listen to in this one. This video will as well hit the YouTube IF I get back on it in a few.โดย Steve Isdahl
Day 3 YouTube jail, I share a very interesting email from a group of men who discovered what they described as a "killing field" in a remote region of the Yukon.โดย Steve Isdahl
John Blatt has generously delivered some amazing knowledge and experiences in the past, todays share is right up there and very appreciated. My day 2 of YouTube jail and the attempt to suppress our voice.โดย Steve Isdahl
This emailer had quite the alarming experience with wolves and 'something'. Listen to this one. Book 1 link below,โดย Steve Isdahl
First Nations have never deviated from their shared history and knowledge of the mother earth, why I enjoy hearing from them. Link to book 1 below,โดย Steve Isdahl
There is no shortage of eye-popper stories coming from around the globe. This one is no exception. link to book 1 below,โดย Steve Isdahl
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