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*PSA*Me and Jey talk about the best basketball dynamic duo... ever ( In Central FL)@theoffadrian@jeyz34Please respond, because we don't have any competition :(--- Support this podcast:
This episode of our new segment called “The Friendzone” Adrian sits down with Ronnie Banks’ look like, Jey Moreno. This is our first episode going into the topic of discussion of the Friendzone, and what to do to get out. *Disclaimer: We are in no way trying to advise to take our advice, but if you do, you might get something done for yourself.Comm…
This Episode I sit down with Franco and we discuss living in the present, health, EDC, BeatBox, Russel Brand, Higher Consciousness, and music from GNRA as well as Marcos G (while drinking White Claws)z--- Support this podcast:
In this episode of the Hotboyz, we sit back with one of Orlando's hottest real estate agents, Chase Greene. We get into the discussion of peoples perception of you, music, Social media gurus, moving up in the world and a lot more. This is probably the most serious you'll catch Adrian on camera, enjoy.--- Support this podcast:…
This episode we introduce an old friend Franco. We get into the dicussion of music festivals, Childish Gambino, Easter eggs in music, living in the moment and more. --- Support this podcast:
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