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Follow the journey of Chris Coddington as he interviews Automotive Professionals about the past, present and future of a revolution started by his father, legendary Hot Rod builder, Boyd Coddington. The Hot Rods by Boyd Podcast jumps headfirst into everything automotive. Whether it's traditional hot rods, full customs, motorcycles, off road, we talk to all the movers and shakers and the people making things happen in their respective industries.
Hot Rods of the Sky

Hot Rods of the Sky

JKE Works

Hot Rods of the Sky is hosted by Kevin Kimball, and his two kids Kallin and Kaity Kimball. Kevin has been in the aviation community for over 50 years and has raised his children in the community as well. This podcast takes a deep dive into the amazing stories behind the airplanes of JKE Works (formerly Jim Kimball Enterprises). From airplane restorations with an incredible history behind them to brand new innovative designs that made the Kimball name a staple in aviation.
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Welcome to the final part of our Gee Bee Z series! In this episode, we talk with the one and only Kermit Weeks! Kermit is the owner of many amazing airplanes, but today we're going to chat with him specifically about the Gee Bee Zee!โดย JKE Works
View our Blog to see photos and learn more: This is Part 2 of our Lockheed Vega Series. In this episode, Kevin and Kallin talk about the history of the current Vega project in the hangar, and some speed bumps they hit along the way during restoration.…
We hope you enjoy the little blooper in the beginning ;) CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE AWESOME MERCH TO HELP THOSE IN THE UKRAINE: Learn about the start of Loughead (now Lockhead) Aircraft Company and about the Lockheed Vega! This is Part 1 of our Series on the Lockheed Vega Restoration that is sitting in th…
In this episode, Kevin, Kallin, and Kaity discuss the three Model 4 Stearman Restorations the family has done over the last 50 years. View the photos here:โดย JKE Works
This episode is Part 2 of our Gee Bee Z Series, and we have a very special guest! In this episode, we travel back to the 90s with Kevin Kimball and Jeff Eicher to hear about the design, fabrication, and first flight of the Eicher-Kimball Gee Bee Model Z replica. To view the photos and videos referenced in the show, visit our blog! Disclaimer: This …
This episode covers the history of the Granville Brothers and their journey towards aviation immortality. Hop in your time machine and come with us!! To view the photos we discussed in the episode visit our website: Disclaimer: This podcast may contain explicit language …
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