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Goodnight Dolly. I was joined by Agatha from the She Wore Black Podcast and we are talking creepy dolls. What about them gets under our skin? What's the creepiest doll? shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Stephanie Gagnon
Rachel Harrison is back on the podcast talking about her latest novel, Such Sharp Teeth, her short story collection Bad Dolls, upcoming work, female werewolves, rage, body horror and The Twilight Zone Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Stephanie Gagnon
I was joined by Brandon Baker (@bakerreads) to talk all about short horror. Listen to our conversation full of recommendations for creepy stories under 200 pages. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Stephanie Gagnon
My friend Kristen from Guide to the Unknown is back again, this time to help parse out our feelings about the Amazon movie adaptation of Grady Hendrix's My Best Friend's Exorcism. We both loved the book. How did the movie do? Is TCBY still around? Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.com/2022/10/11/episode-132-my-best-friends-exorcism-2022-with-kri…
After some technical difficulties we are up and running. I was joined by Sonja (ghostlyreads on TikTok) to talk about space horror and basically everything that's terrifying about it. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Stephanie Gagnon
I was joined by author Clay McLeod Chapman to talk about horror involving grief and his latest book Ghost Eaters. Shownotes:https://booksinthefreezer.com/2022/09/20/episode-130-grief-horror-with-clay-mcleod-chapman/โดย Stephanie Gagnon
I was joined by author Nico Bell to talk all about those books that make us feel like those glorious VHS movies we used to get. Stories that fully go ham and aren't scared to get a little ridiculous. We're talking B-horror! Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Stephanie Gagnon
I was joined once again by author David Demchuk to discuss the Faustian Bargain trope in horror. What happens when you make a deal with the devil? How careful do you have to be about what you wish for? Shownotes:โดย Stephanie Gagnon
I was thrilled to be joined by author Paul Tremblay. Check out our conversation about The Pallbearer's Club, unreliable narrators, the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan adaptation and more. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.com/2022/07/26/episode-127-unreliable-narrators-with-paul-tremblay/โดย Stephanie Gagnon
You know what time it is. New Releases time! So get comfortable, try to not to struggle too much and let's just talk about all of the exciting new books coming out this year Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.com/2022/07/12/episode-126-more-upcoming-releases-2022/โดย Stephanie Gagnon
Quincy came on the show to do our seasonal thing and talk about the perfect books to read in the summer. Apologies for the audio quality on this one. Production on this episode was cursed. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.com/2022/06/28/episode-125-summer-horror-with-quincy/โดย Stephanie Gagnon
I was able to sit down with Isabel, author The Hacienda to talk about gothic horror, Mexican history, haunted houses, hot priests and more. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Books in the Freezer
I am moving this week, so I reached back into the recesses of the vault of early episodes and found this gem. I remember it being one of my favorite episodes over one of my favorite topics: survival horror! What are your favorite survival horror stories that have come out in recent years? Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.com/2018/01/30/episode-…
"You can check out anytime you'd like, but you can never leave" This week Jocelyn joins me again to talk about horror in hotels (and motels and airbnbs etc.) Tell us! Do you have a creepy hotel experience? Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Books in the Freezer
We're talking claustrophobic, trapped horror with author and screenwriter Max Booth III. Of course we talk a bit about We Need to Do Something and his upcoming novel Maggot Screaming! Check out our conversation. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Books in the Freezer
We are tackling the much-requested Southern Gothic genre with Lauren from @southerngothicdollhouse on IG and TikTok. We talk about The South, movies, miniatures and so much more. You have to check out Lauren's work on her amazing dollhouse. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Books in the Freezer
Hey. This week was inexplicably busy, so instead of skipping a week, I am pulling out an episode from the vault. This was Rachel and I's first episode. It was originally aired October 2017 and was all about haunted house horror. Please enjoy! Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.com/2017/10/24/episode-1-home-sweet-haunted-house/…
I was joined by the author Matthew Lyons to talk about his latest novel, A Black and Endless Sky. We talk about UFO Watchtowers, Mike Flanagan, and where Matt's next novel is going to take place. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Books in the Freezer
I was joined by author Simone St. James to talk about her latest novel, The Book of Cold Cases. Listen to our conversation about women's relationship to true crime, Anne Rice, the X-Files and more. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Books in the Freezer
Kristen from the wonderful Guide to the Unknown podcast joins me to talk all about our new favorite show, Showtime's Yellowjackets, and what to read if you enjoyed it as well! I don't think we intentionally spoil anything, but tread carefully. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Books in the Freezer
Work sucks. I know. Let's talk job horror. Jocelyn and I recommend several novels (and some movies) where the main horror is a character's place of employment. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.comโดย Books in the Freezer
BONUS EPISODE I was able to squeeze in a quick chat with author Bethany C. Morrow to talk about her latest novel, Cherish Farrah. This was a very interesting read, and Farrah's narration absolutely adds another layer to the storytelling. Listen to our conversation! Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.com…
**THIS EPISODE IS FULL OF SPOILERS!!** My friend Laura once again joined me to talk about one of our favorite novels, Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. We talk about the book as well as David Fincher's 2014 film adaptation. How Ben Affleck is the perfect Nick Dunne, Why the Cool Girl Monologue is so resonant and more. Shownotes: https://booksinthefreezer.…
You might know her from Twitter or from her podcasts Noble Blood and Haileywood, or from her upcoming YA gothic novel Anatomy: A Love Story. Dana Schwartz joins the show to talk about what inspired the story, life in the days of early surgery, books that scared us and her upcoming project, a horror Bring It On film! shownotes: https://booksinthefre…
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