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Oh boy, Hooligans. New content returns and it's nothing but comic book crap. But Tim and David are all over the new MCU flick: SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS. Is it funky fresh or does it reek of superhero fatigue. Follow us on Facebook, IG and Twitter. And shoot us a five star review wherever you listen.…
Buckle your seatbelts, Hooligans. Five years after we hated on one of the worst comic book movies ever, Tim and David are ready to love on -- or a least be nice to -- the reboot/remake/requel...THE SUICIDE SQUAD. Is the addition of James Gunn the right ingredient to get make the DC movies a little more appetizing? Tune in to this week's episode of …
This week, the God of Mischief has met his (or is it their) match. Get a firm grip on your timeline, Hooligans because Tim and David are going head to head with LOKI's debut season and that massive set up for the next big bad in the MCU.
The wait is over. Scarlett Johansson aka Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow finally has a solo movie. Unfortunately it was released 5 years after it should have been. Whoops. But hey, it's still Marvel, right? Tim and David are digging on the first MCU movie in almost 2 years. Cheers!
This week, Tim and David are getting off topic a bit and talking about MOVIES THAT NEED SEQUELS. You know, those movies you love that could have done more with stories or characters or worlds. What movies do YOU think need sequels?
Zombies, and Robots, and Aliens...OH MY!! Must be a Zack Snyder movie. Hop on the bandwagon, Hooligans, cuz Tim and David are getting their Zack Snyder fix on his epic Netflix action opus, ARMY OF THE DEAD. This is the Zack we love.
What's that, Hooligans? That's new film content -- big screen movie theatre content -- coming your way. Tim and David are puffin' and passin' on the Summer-ish movies of 2021. The biggest movies. The brightest stars. All that crap. What are you excited about? Hit us up.
Travel with the Hooligans if you will, back to the year 1987, where some filmmakers and Courtney Cox got together to make a movie based on one of the most popular action figures of all time -- MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE -- and failed all over the place. What went wrong, besides everything??
Are you not entertained, Hooligans? This week's episode should give you the maximus amount of entertainment one could have listening to Tim and David talk about the the epic action flick, GLADIATOR. This is a podcast that will echo in eternity. Long live, the Reel Hooligans.
It's the BIG ONE! #EPL Season Review including a manic GW38 which saw Leicester miss out on Champions League Glory! Check out all the analysis from 4 football fans that have no clue what they're talking about. #HooligansPodcast will be taking the show on the road next Saturday for the Champions League final at 6 MIX Coverage starts from 2pm so come…
Get over here, Hooligans. You have been challenged to MORTAL KOMBAT by Tim and David. In this week's episode they will talk about Mortal Kombat more than you'll actually see Mortal Kombat in Mortal Kombat. How do you screw up Mortal Kombat?? Follow us!! We love you!!
The Reel Hooligans are back! This week, they're jumping back into the MCU to explore the legacy of that wackadoo Captain America shied -- DOES that thing obey the laws of physics? It's time for THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER!! Follow us. Email us. Review us.
The Boys Are Back in Town! The Hooligans team kick off a new season with a Premier League update, relegation choices, top 4 predictions as well as a look at the latest Champions League storylines. Don't miss our Predictions as well for the upcoming EPL games this weekend. It's great to be BACK!โดย Be Social Podcasts
What a 2 weeks in Football we have had! The #HooligansPodcast is back to discuss, rant, and shame all losers across the board. Shadd needs consoling this week as Arsenal and Arteta are dumped out of Europa... We have our say on all the Champions League semi-finals as well as a look at the all-English final! The boys also debate the FIFA EA Sports E…
Follow us on Twitter: Film Hooligans @Film_Hooligans Jon Dunning @JonTheHost Jason Alt @JasonEAlt Support the show by becoming a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=15831595 Huge thanks for the original music provided by M.A.R.S. find them on Spotify! You can listen to this episode in podcast form on iTunes, Spotify, & everywhere else you can co…
Twitter: Leandro Taub @Leandro Taub Externo @ExternoFilm Contact us: @Film_Hooligans @JonTheHost @JasonEAlt We want to review & promote your film! Contact us at jdunni1147@gmail.com for screener opportunities. #SupportIndieFilm #Moviesโดย They Said, We Said
Alright, alright, alright. Hey Hooligans, wanna hop in the time machine with Tim and David, get blazed, listen to some of the best jams from the 70's, and lazily cruise around one of the best damn stoner coming of age comedies of all-time? Be a lot cooler if you did. Let's get a little...DAZED AND CONFUSED.…
This week we talk about our personalities and we finally find out why Tyler talks so much on the podcast. I mean seriously does this guy ever shut up? Check out Jason on YouTube: Scratchminus Follow us on Twitter: @HooligansMediaโดย The Hooligans
Let's get ready to rumble! It's the matchup of the century. And you know the Reel Hooligans are all up in it. It's GODZILLA VS. KONG, yo! Big lizard. Big monkey. Monsters fight. People dumb. Nobody watches for plot but shouldn't there be more? Also, Alan Rapp is joins the Hooligans today.
These Hooligans love them some Tarantino. This week, Tim and David are jumping in the time hopper and going back to catch one of QT's inspirations for Kill Bill. Prepare to fight to the death, ya Hooligans. It's time for LADY SNOWBLOOD!!!
Hooligans, we're in unprecedented territory. History is upon us! Finally. After five years of agony, we have what we are owed as fans: THE SNYDER cut of THE JOSSTICE LEAGUE. Look it's a twice as long, marginally better version of arguably DC's worst movie. And it has Jared Leto. Ugh.
This week we talk about the sound design of Animal Crossing, Mario, and Zelda with some videos by Scruffy. Then we gush about Breath of the Wild for little bit, real good stuff. Follow us on Twitter: @HooligansMediaโดย The Hooligans
Yeah, Hooligans! Tim and David are pulling double duty this week, ya dig. Let's jump in on one of the all-time great comedies, COMING TO AMERICA and probably one of the most unnecessary sequels, COMING 2 AMERICA. Wesley Snipes is back, yo!
This week Stephen makes us all really sad, thanks a lot Stephen. Also we talk about other animated movies and some other stuff, I don't know, I just remember sadness. Follow us on Twitter: @HooligansMediaโดย The Hooligans
Twitter: McClain Lindquist @telltalefilm Contact us: @Film_Hooligans @JonTheHost @JasonEAlt We want to review & promote your film! Contact us at jdunni1147@gmail.com for screener opportunities. #SupportIndieFilm #Moviesโดย They Said, We Said
The Reel Hooligans are looking ahead towards Oscar season and standing in their sights is a brand new movie: JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH. Tim and David take a deep dive into the story behind the leader of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party. Email us at reelhooligans@gmail.com
This week we talk Vulfpeck's 2019 performance at Madison Square Garden, our favorite and least favorite concert experiences, and we finally figure out where the funky duck is Follow us on Twitter: @HooligansMediaโดย The Hooligans
Did you know Tim is a member of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle? Well, he is. Our fearless leader has returned from his summit with his fellow KC film critics...and this week, the Hooligans are taking a not so deep dive into the 55th Annual James Loutzenhiser Awards. Wait...WHO won Best Picture? What's a tie? This isn't soccer! Have fun with th…
#HappyHolidays from the Hooligans Squad! Listen in on our Christmas Recaps and Predictions for Boxing Day Matches! Leeds get Battered by Ole! Arsenal are now in a RELEGATION Battle! Liverpool is destined for the title! Check out all the gossip and game recaps as well as our usual rapid-fire predictions for this weekends games…
Football Mania continues with the #1 Football Show in Barbados! This week we review GW 15 & 16 in the #EPL as well as predict the upcoming games. It’s all to play for! Tune in!โดย Be Social Podcasts
Dig it Hooligans. You're gonna wanna put this episode on repeat. The Reel Hooligans are living GROUNDHOG DAY over and over and over again. What day would you want to experience on an endless loop? Also, Bill Murray might actually be a God. One of them, anyway. Follow. Listen. Review. Repeat.
Mercy does not exist in this episode of Reel Hooligans. Mercy is for the weak. Tim and David are digging through the glorious madness of COBRA KAI SEASON 3. But we must find balance first. So hop on the mat with the boys as they take on Miyagi-Do, Cobra Kai and Eagle Fang. Follow us on Spotify, Apple and Amazon.…
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