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The world can be a mysterious place. It can also be a boring place, so let’s focus on the mysterious. Rusty Hinges is a podcast that explores mysteries, hoaxes, natural phenomena, and weird history. Basically, anything that’s a bit… hinky.


If you could find the answer to one question, any question, what would it be? How might your life turn on the answer? For atheist Cory Markum, life began to turn as he looked up at the sky in prayer after the death of a friend and realized he was trying to pray to a God he no longer believed in. For former pastor Drew Sokol, life began to turn as he stood preaching about Jesus to thousands of people and yet found himself questioning the very words he was saying. Those turns also brought them ...
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Defend Mother Russia as we review the 1938 propaganda Soviet film Alexander Nevsky. Alexander is a (not) saint who repels the devilish Catholic Germans in the eve of the Nazi Germans invading Russia in World War 2. The Next Film is The Battle of Algiers (1966)
After a 13 minute intro we discuss the release of Paprium, the PC Engine Mini, Game Gear Micro, GG Aleste Collection and Sakuna of Rice and Ruin. Rudie Recommends: Bad Operation - Bad Operation Chris Recommends: A Lush and Seething Hell by John Horner Jacobs
Rudie returns as a CoDDaD, we examine our place in video game criticism, talk about Spiderman and the Amico and praise Arrest of a Stone Buddha. No Spoilers are present regarding TLoUP2. We recommend: A Borrowed Man by Gene Wolfe and the film The Bridge At Remagen.
With Rudie out for a positive family event, Chris welcomes Doolittle to talk about the weird world of Destiny. And a little bit about Sonic Forces. Sorry for Chris's slighty weird voice on this one; we promise he's not in the Witness Protection Program.
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