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Welcome to the podcast home of Hawaii's source for breaking news. Hawaii News Now (KGMB/KHNL) is the state's leader for breaking news, weather alerts, traffic updates and sports headlines, plus the latest headlines on the issues that impact you and your families the most — including the global coronavirus pandemic.
Exploring Hawaii and its stories. Hawaii is a place filled with stories—both ancient and still unfolding at this very moment. Join us as we share these stories with the world. Transmission from Hawaii is a production of Wasabi Magazine (www.readwasabi.com) and hosted by Tony Vega, editor in chief of Wasabi Magazine. If you have any ideas for a future episode, please email mail@readwasabi.com.
Welcome to Smart Living Hawaii’s Podcast where we discuss Smart Homes & Technology, Sustainability, Healthy Lifestyles (Food/Fitness/Well-Being) and Smart Business. Check us out at: www.SmartLivingHi.com, follow us on Instagram @smart_living_hawaii or LIKE us on Facebook @smartlivinghawaii #SmartHomes #SmartEco #SmartHealth #SmartBusiness
Despite Hawaii's fertile soil and year-round growing season, the state imports an estimated 85% of its food. Join Civil Beat as we examine some of the biggest challenges farmers face and explore solutions to achieve food independence in the islands.
When you move mainland you nevah forget all da hawaii kine tings you grew up wit, but da mainlandahs no understand all dat stuffs. We going share all about our local culture, how we adapted to live hea, and talk storreh wit people who wen move and started a new life away from da islands. Aurigh! Mahalo foa listening!
Toast Hawaii

Toast Hawaii

Kaugummi-Eis und Köfte, Feldsalat und Ravioli aus der Dose. Der Volksmund sagt: Du bist, was Du isst. In „Toast Hawaii“ stellt Bettina Rust jede Woche ihren vielfach prominenten –aber immer interessanten – Gästen Fragen, die sich nur ums Essen drehen. Fast nur.
Living Stones Church is a non-denominational Church located in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We seek to build a culture of faith in Jesus Christ. Our four pillars of the faith: God is Good. We are living from a victory Jesus has won... not for a victory. Nothing is impossible with God. You are specially and uniquely created with a purpose.
Reid + Cari are not professional relationship experts. But they are experts in their own relationship. Each week they spend time together discussing their unique perspectives on various relationship topics. Learn from special guests they interview. They even get down into deep dark secrets of their past! Subscribe to the show to get episodes like this and more straight to your device. Episodes appear each Monday. For questions or comments to Reid + Cari, email thehawaiicouplepodcast@gmail.com.
Hawaii’s Best provides travel tips and resources for your next visit to Hawaii. Through our blog and podcast, we provide resources, travel tips, and local, Hawaiian cultural insights to help prepare you for your Hawaii vacation so you can experience true Hawaii. We feature the stories and culture of Hawaii's best experiences, influencers, and businesses. Whether you're traveling to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island of Hawaii, or Lanai; let's explore Hawaii together! Hawaii’s Best is for anyone w ...
Roger Pfalz und Jens Seipp sind fest in der Kommunalpolitik im hessischen Marburg an der Lahn verwurzelt. Der "harte" Alltag der Kommunalpolitiker wird genauso aufs Korn genommen wie aktuelle Ereignisse der Landes- und Bundespolitik. Als bekennende Fans des Trash-TV verfolgen die beiden das Zeil einmal persönlich im Australischen Dschungel dabei zu sein. Das natürlich mit einem Augenzwinkern.
When most people think of Hawaii, they imagine sand, surf, and the Aloha Spirit....but spirits of a different kind may occupy the Hawaiian islands. Most people visiting the islands don't know of Hawaii's haunted history. Want to learn of the haunted hotels and the restless spirits that still roam the grounds? Or why whistling at night attracts spirits of the dead... Come join me, Uncle Jared, as I cover these infamous tales on my podcast, Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal Paradise
Hi in Hawai'i

Hi in Hawai'i

Welcome to Hi in Hawai'i - Hi on Life, Hi on the Mountain and Hi on Cannabis. This podcast is meant to be a form of entertainment and escape, while at the same time being informative about cannabis products and methods of consumption. We gonna Talk Story, play some jams and keep us in the loop about what’s happening with Pot’s Happening our update about different legal action taking place around the world. Weekly segments like Wise Words, Who’s Got ??’s, and Learning as I Grow, plus updates ...
Hawaii Narrative Project's mission is to document the lives of everyday people in Hawaii, collecting and archiving stories, cultural anecdotes and traditions, for the purpose of educating current and future generations of Hawaii's diverse culture. Disclosure & Discovery is a podcast where we take our favorite stories and put them into short form audio packages for your enjoyment.
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The state Health Department reported 622 COVID infections on Friday, a startling count that is at least partly blamed on lab reporting delays earlier this week but also represents a continued surge in new coronavirus cases in the islands.โดย Hawaii News Now
Shaka Welcome to Hi in Hawaii - We are Hi on Life, Hi on the Mountain and Hi on Cannabis. This podcast is meant to be a form of entertainment and escape, while at the same time being informative about cannabis products and methods of consumption. If you are new, welcome, kick back with your choice of strain and enjoy the stories and the tunes. - Sh…
Join NextGen Director Willy Paul and Pastor Brandon Ahu as they talk about standing strong in your faith, deconstruction, and what might be the best dad joke in Metro's history. For more info on what we talked about, to register for an event, or find a connect group, head over to our website: metrochristianchurch.com Support the show (http://metroc…
In 1893 the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown. However, that does not mean that it simply disappeared. In fact, in 2001, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands verified the continued existence of the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom. But why is this? Didn't the United States annex Hawaii? Isn't Hawaii a state? How c…
07/25/21 Living Stones Church - Pine Trees Our passion at Living Stones Church is to be the kind of church described in the Bible: A Culture of Faith. Together we love to actively pursue Spirit and Truth.
Reid + Cari sit down in studio to introduce themselves to the podcast world and let you know what the show is about. They share about some of their previous relationships before meeting each other and the fateful night when they met. Subscribe to the show to get episodes like this and more straight to your device. Episodes appear each Monday. For q…
Aloha Bruce offers some Hawaii vacation news, tips for booking Hawaii activities, and notes some available deals and recent bookings on this Sunday, July 25, 2021 episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Bruce mentions a man on social media who bragged that he had successfully cheated Hawaii’s COVID Passport and testing system. The post […
In the beginning, when we come into a relationship with Jesus, everything is simple. We learn about His grace, prayer, serving, loving, and the basic truth of the gospel. Somewhere along the journey in life, it can become complicated. Relationships are more difficult, hearing God is not as frequent, and the passion for the Lord can sometimes fade. …
Aloha! Welcome back to the Ghostlore of Hawaii: Paranormal Paradise podcast! A show about the haunted Hawaii most visitors don't get to experience during their short time to the Islands. In episode 2, we're sticking to the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii. This is a special episode as it's the first of many to cover a paranormal experience tha…
Ihr Wunderbaren, Genießerinnen und Genießer, Ihr Hungrigen, Ihr Lustigen, Satten, Urlaubsreifen, Urlaubenden, Ihr Singles und Familienmenschen, liebe Esserinnen und Esser, Zuhörerinnen und Zuhörer, was Ihr wissen müsst und was Sie wissen müssen, ist in unserem kleinen, kurzen Trailer zu hören. Press Play!…
Today we will continue our Sustainable Leaders series and have a Talk Story with Mike Davis, a farmer, foodscaper who will not only talk about the businesses and nonprofits he partners with to fulfill his life mission but to also jump into Permaculture, what it means, how it works, why it’s such a buzz word these days and how it can transform the w…
Deez days everyboddeh get some kind of Aloha Shirt. Proffesahs wearin um to class, teenagers wearin um to pahtehs, dads wearin um at BBQs, da list goes on. Evah wondah da history of um, what makes one Aloha shirt one real one? In dis episode Coby and Masao breakdown erryting about Aloha shirts; Wea fo buy um, wen foa wear um, da history, and moa! E…
hawaiisbesttravel.com/episode69 EPISODE RESOURCES Patrick Parker Website Patrick Parker Instagram SPREAD ALOHA Be sure you subscribe to the podcast to automatically receive your episodes! Have a Question? Wanna Share Your Hawaii Tips or Experience? Send us a message, and we’ll share it on the podcast: speakpipe.com/hawaiisbest SUPPORT THE PODCAST h…
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