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Hurting people are all around– and yet why do some people not care? Thank God that Jesus helps us to overcome our cold hearts, powerfully moving us to compassion and action. Run to Him.Matt Dirks – Luke 6:1-11โดย Matt Dirks
God's blessings come in new ways – through his discipline, mercy and gifts – so receive these blessings! And respond to them, by being transformed, thankful, and generous.Matt Dirks – Malachi 2:17-3:12โดย Matt Dirks
Pay attention to the signs! They tell stories, reminding us of lessons in the past. In the book of Malachi, there is a bright neon signpoint that the Israelites have forgotten God's love. So today, you can take a cue from Malachi's signpost and see how you need God's love for a fresh start.Matt Dirks – Malachi 1:1-14…
You may have bought into many narratives about your own life through the culture around you, but now Jesus now invites you to join him in his wonder-filled story of Spirit-filled salvation.Mike Butindaro – Luke 4:14-21โดย Mike Butindaro
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