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Dear visitor, welcome to Antioch Beverly's (formerly The Harbor's) sermon podcast. We are a non-denominational church in Beverly, MA. This library will give you a great way to get to know our values, beliefs and sermon style. We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Check out our website to learn more about us and when and where we meet: https://antiochchurchbeverly.org/
At Cove Church, we know that you want to live a meaningful life. In order to do that, you need to put down what is holding you back and find who you are meant to be. The problem is, our world keeps changing, which makes you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and stuck. We believe being paralyzed by fear, lies, apathy, and pain keeps you from personal growth and limits your relationship with God and your potential to impact the lives of others. We understand what it feels like to be worn out, run-do ...
Una colección de documentales de extrema rigurosidad histórica que cuentan las importantes opiniones de destacados historiadores y militares y, en ocasiones, testimonios de personas que participaron directamente en alguna contienda. Una serie que cuenta con acontecimientos explicativos de sumo interés y calidad. Pearl Harbor, Trafalgar, Hastings, Austerlitz, Stalingrado, Termópilas, La ofensiva del Tet, Qadesh, Alesia, Gettysburg…, son nombres que traen a la mente el silbido de los obuses, e ...
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Recorded on June 8, 2021 In this week’s episode of Weekend Debrief, Dave and Wes talk about the recent visit from Harbor Network's church adoption team and what joining a network could mean for our church. They also answer questions about pastoral blessings, and what happens to dead people when Jesus comes back. They wrap up by sharing the best foo…
Sermon Summary:This is one of the most familiar but misunderstood passages in the Bible. Paul did not intend this to be inspirational—it is a rebuke.Verse 12 draws our attention to the perspective-shaping goal of following Christ: full face-to-face...โดย Doug Swagerty
1. Jesus convinces us that He is God with all authority 2. Storms challenge our faith in Jesus' authority 3. Jesus proves that we can trust in His authorityโดย Trinity Church Victor Harbor
Believers of Christ must know the word of God and share the word of God even though persecution may be a result.What is keeping you from eagerly knowing the word of God daily for the nourishment of your own soul?What is keeping you from eagerly sharing the word of God with those who do not believe?โดย Harbor Church Olympia WA
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