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Home Depot and Lowe’s love that we got hooked on renovation in lockdown, but, even if demand persists, inflation may put a dent in forecasts with delayed purchases, higher inventory, and lower margins.
Who do you listen to — Stevie Nicks or interest rates? Stevie puts on a better show, but Covid threw a Monkey Wrench into her concert plans, and it's more than Rumours to Southwest Airlines.
The Traveling Wilburys was a supergroup that failed to fully exploit the potential of its individual parts. Big tech companies like Amazon and Facebook have a lot in common.
Schumer shoots, but can he score on cannabis? A state-by-state status quo is complicated, but it keeps the CPG monsters out of the game … for now. Is the Schumer cannabis bill the right bill for right now?
Spin a tune for a great cause. When you Like or Play The Quarantine Blues, $5 will be donated to A Leg to Stand On, helping children with limb disabilities. Visit Benefits A Let To Stand On (ALTSO) Play The Quarantine Blues on Spotify:…
Major League team owners and Fortune 500 CEOs have a lot in common, but fans and shareholders probably don’t want to hear an excuse from either. Should a team owner give forward guidance like a CEO?
From CDC guidelines to C+C Music Factory, we’re wondering about a lift in the market. Was it algorithms and keywords or optimism on reopening? Either way, Disney plays the Best of Both Worlds with streaming and parks.
The market was down in early innings, but made a comeback. We’ve seen this game before, and it’s usually business-as-usual in a few days. Could the dollar’s status as a reserve currency be at risk?
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