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Greatness Defined

Greatness Defined

Damion Anderson

Damion Anderson is an author, United States Marine, and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. The goal of Greatness Defined is to help you achieve your inner greatness and live your life to the maximum by hearing inspirational stories and messages from successful people all throughout the world. Start your discovery to define greatness in your life.
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Greatness Defined community, we have a treat for you guys today! I would like to introduce someone who is very special to me and consistently inspires me, Leland Walker (AKA GPL). This man is literally the most interesting man in the world! Today, we dive into his life and really start understanding what it was that motivated Leland to go from pove…
My wife, Jessica joins us today to talk about how to enhance your relationship. This podcast was created with my Marines in mind, as we are preparing to deploy, and we will not be able to meet all of their girlfriends before we leave. In this podcast, we tell you our story and how we overcame a deployment and built a strong relationship that is unl…
Episode 002 – The Power of Having a VisionWelcome to Greatness Defined! This week we will be discussing the importance of having a vision!Before we get started, thank you guys for making my dream and vision a reality!! You guys are phenomenal!! In the first week, we have received over 10,000 views! How insane is that? You guys are amazing and I am …
Podcast Episode 001 – Investing in the Mind, Body and SoulWelcome to Greatness Defined! Today is episode 1! We will be discussing the importance of investing in self. The three topics we will be discussing today are: The mind, body and soul.The mind is a complex machine. We must learn to control it. The way I control my mind is through the use of m…
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