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Inside the Great Outdoors is the best choice for Outdoors talk radio! Whether they're talking about hunting, hiking, birdwatching, fishing, nature or just some good old fashioned appreciation of the outdoors, it's guaranteed to be a great time! Inside the Great Outdoors is hosted every week by the legendary Joe "Kastaway" Kulis and is often joined by Joe "Good News" Keough! Other frequent co-hosts include Dr. Norm, Bob Faber, Carl Bachtel, and many more!
Previously called "Latitude Photography Podcast" the new name reflects a refined vision for the show. Hosted by Brent Bergherm, TGOPP is here to inspire you to get outdoors more often and to pursue your purpose in photography. You are uniquely created and it's my goal to inspire you to reach your full potential to create the photographs only you can make.
Live recordings from the weekly Balearic / Boogie / House Daytime to evening party THE GREAT OUTDOORS held throughout the spring / summer in the award-winning garden space of in Birmingham UK. Hosted and managed by respected UK DJ and Producer Dean Sunshine Smith. Now in it's third year it brings together some of the finest diggers and DJ selectors the dance music scene has to offer.
Great Plains Outdoors

Great Plains Outdoors

Rob McDonald & Brittany French

Everything outdoors on the Great Plains of North America! From fishing and hunting, to camping and hiking, we cover it here! Hosts Brittany French and Rob McDonald look forward to interviewing intriguing guests about all sorts of topics on the Great Plains Outdoors. Grandpa Fish, award winning outdoor writer, Brent Frazee joins us each month for the Grandpa Fish angling report and to talk all things fishing on the Great Plains Outdoors! Join us for information and conversation from the Dakot ...
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On this week’s Trail to Adventure we get to know Pastor Ryan Flunker as we tell the story of his harvest of a great Pope and Young trophy buck. Pastor Ryan will talk about his calling into missions work and then back home to a local church here in the UP of Michigan. You won’t want to miss the exciting and sometime hilarious story of how Pastor Rya…
On this airing of The Great Outdoors, Charlie Potter talks about the new Illinois Director of Natural Resources and the big opportunity surrounding her. Later he discusses what it’s like to hunt the most physically challenging game bird in North America.…
On todays show we have Steve Cegielski from the All Canada show coming next week to the Kane County Fairgrounds , and at the Chicagoland Fishing Travel and Outdoor show at the Schaumburg Convention center we have Louis Monetti the Collage angler going to the Basmmaster Classic rounding out the show Brandon Palaniuk a Bassmaster Elite Angler who wil…
Hosts Brittany French and Rob McDonald take some time to visit with guest Joe Skinner of Veil Camo. Camouflage can make or break a hunt, and hiding during a hunt is more than skin deep. Tune in to find out what makes camo brands like Veil tick. Truly an industry of the Great Plains Outdoors, Veil Camo is based in Wichita KS! Be sure to tell your fr…
This week, Don and Brendan meet to discuss the Strokin' report about the minimalist challenge as he reports from the contest on-site, as well as what is his favorite fishing rod.โดย Audacy
In the 2nd hour, Don continues his search for what is everyone's favorite rod, reports from guests and field reporters about fishing this weekend, and another Bad Boy of the week story.โดย Audacy
Don talks to his field reporters about their favorite fishing rods, upcoming tournaments, how the duck and fishing season has faired so far in 2023 and, responds to texts from listeners all over.โดย Audacy
Join us this week as we visit with long-time friend of God’s Great Outdoors and board member Arnie Wolf and His wife Dee.We learn about the Canadian fishing camp that Arnie and Dee have, Rushing Wind. To support this ministry financially, visit:โดย Dean Hulce
On this airing of The Great Outdoors, host Charlie Potter discusses the various upcoming opportunities to participate in conservation.โดย
In the 2nd hour, Don reconvenes to talk to listeners and guests about their favorite spinning reels as well as field reports and the Bad Boy of the Week.โดย Audacy
This week, Don and Daryl get together to talk about fishing on Grand Isle, and a hopeful fish spawn increase in the coming months as well as how this weekend's weather will treat the Grand Isle area.โดย Audacy
This week on the program, Don and his many field reporters cover the weekend's bad and rainy weather, how it will affect fishing and duck hunting as well as some fishing news developments as we push further into the late winter season.โดย Audacy
On this week's show we have Perry Young for Young's Wilderness Camp from Lake of the Woods in Ontario, a true family run operation you need to check out. Then Bassmaster, Angler Ish Monroe will be speaking next week at the Chicagoland Fishing Travel and Outdoor Show in Schaumburg, Illinois will be coming on to talk about his seminar , followed by V…
Hunters have a strong and strange attraction for antlers. They will spend a lot or money and travel long distances to see and aquire antlers. This week we learn about antler collecting from a man that has collected them for decades and we learn how the quest for large antlers and record book entries brought him to a relationship with Jesus ChristTo…
On this airing of The Great Outdoors, Charlie Potter discusses how Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, did not go about reappointing the Director of the Department of Natural Resources. Later, Charlie addresses the benefits of flooding.…
This week, Don and Captain Kirk get together with Kirk calling from the duck blind while he gives his take on the start of the split so far and a fishing report for his neck of the woods.โดย Audacy
This week, Don gets Brendan Bayard for our paddling report where Brendan and Don discuss trout responding well, this cold snap and how to fish in them, and Brendan's experience with rainbow trout.โดย Audacy
In the 2nd hour, Dubuc and guests discuss their fishing and hunting reports as we carry on into late winter, a look to see how the weather is affecting the spots and wildlife, and Don's case for this week's Bad Boy of the Week.โดย Audacy
On this week's show we're talking muskie and the muskie show being held at the Kane County Fair Grounds Jan. 20-22. Our first guest is Tony Grant, muskie guide from Cave Run Lake in Kentucky, and then Mike Verset, owner of the Muskie Expo Chicago. See you at the show.โดย wmvp-am
This week, Don and his many field reporters get together to discuss the opening of the hunting split, some cooking adventures that Don has recently been on and much more.โดย Audacy
A fond farewell is given to Gerry as we share memories and tributes as well testimonies of all that Gerry and Cyndi did over the last 26 to make God's Great Outdoors what it is today. We'll even share a little history that many might not know of how God lead Gerry down the Trail To Adventure radio. To support this ministry financially, visit: https…
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