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A podcast that focuses on bringing you uplifting stories each Monday so that you can start your week off on a high note. Listen and subscribe on your favorite platform and visit Happy Munday on the web at Submit story ideas to Buy swag at TeePublic Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash Support this podcast:
Lecture style Podcast covering Ancient History to Modern world events. We Cover War and Art Philosophy and Education Great Pyramids and Great Walls and why they work (and why they dont) We cover Gender and Race, Sex and Marriage, Masculinity and Feminism, We cover David, Dante, and Disneyland And We try to relate all of it to us today and analyze what the past has to tell us about ourselves
I usually go by dokupe online. I used to work for an anime production company in Tokyo, Pony Canyon. Now I’m back to just being a long time fan. dokupied is my podcast where I talk about mainly anime, manga, light novels, and industry news. And occasionally other people join me as guest co-hosts.
Disney news and interviews, cocktails and conversation. Join hosts Tim Callaway and Anthony Reynolds as they take an irreverent look at all things Disney. Then listen to the MCL’s legacy episodes (2012-2018) as Tim talks with Disney artists, Imagineers, animators, authors and even a few Disney Legends about Disney movies, music, books, television, theme parks and history. From Mickey Mouse to Moana, Disneyland to Walt Disney World, Pinocchio to Pixar, it's always good times and great convers ...
**"Still Great, Bob?"**is a Mad Men Podcast hosted by Annie ([The Daily Knightly Podcast](, Melissa ([The Wild Pretty Things Podcast]( and Matt. Annie and Matt have seen the show and Melissa hasn't. Together they watch Mad Men trying to answer the question, "is it still great, Bob?".
A non biased podcast that will talk about our political views, daily concerns , whatever interests you want to discuss. the floor is yours and looking forward to having fun but serious conversations. i ask that we all try to be somewhat in control of our language but some topics can get heated . just lets be respectful of each other. we all have views. you can drop me a line at stephenweisberger3@gmail and let me know what you think or would like to discuss. thanks for giving me a try.
The MeadMakr Podcast is your home for All Things Mead. In each episode we bring you news, interviews, and guides to help make your mead better. The MeadMakr Podcast is hosted by two regular guys, Allen and Tysen, who like you want to learn the secrets of making great mead. Discover with them how you can take a simple ingredient like honey and turn it into the world's oldest known alcoholic beverage, mead. The process to make mead is easy, but we bring you the experts in the community to help ...
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Episode Notes The Three Stages of Disney Princesses // The Conservative Portrayal of Liberal Femininity // Race and Women and Disney Princesses // The Continual Success of American Women // Fight Club and American Men in Continual "Crisis" //
Episode Notes The Suburbs, the Sixties, the Backlash, Religion, Re-Segregation, Economic Inequality, the End of the Welfare State, Racism, Sectionalism, Winning the Cold War, and the America you live in now.
Episode Notes China occupied // Civil War // Mao's Great Leap Forward // Mao's Cultural Revolution // Starvation, Death, and independence from the West // Economic Modernization // The Square Incident // Wealth and political Conservatism
Episode Notes Africa after World War 2 // The Trauma the Europeans leave behind // Apartheid Ends and Nelson Mandela teaches the World to Forgive // Europeans Sing Songs to "Save" Africans
Episode Notes India gains Independence // Pakistan Gains Independence // Bangladesh gains Independence from Pakistan // Everyone Fights, Everyone's Traumatized, and then We Add Nukes // Hindu India leaves Islamic Pakistan Behind // There are wars in Afghanistan
Episode Notes The Cold War Gets Hot // The West Grows Rich // The European East Falls Behind // Toilet paper explains the end of Soviet Communism // The US and USSR Fight Everywhere while Great Art and Music gets made under the Nuclear Threat // Genesis makes a Video // Peter Gabriel plays Games // RUSH wonders if it was worth it after the Berlin W…
Episode Notes European Cinema Recovers After WW2 // The French Poverty // The British Bond Imperial Salvation // The Moody Scandinavian Intellectualism // Bollywood shows India can tell their Own Stories // Nollywood proves the world can make their own cinema and watch themselves on screen
Episode Notes Disneyland and Entertaining Middle Class America // EPCOT brings the World to America // Disneyland Tokyo and the Success of Americanization // Disneyland Hong Kong and Shanghai and the Limits of Westernization
Episode Notes What Can I say - We Murder 60 Million People this Episode, Industrialize Mass Racial Murder, and Nuke Two Cities // We Bomb Spain and Horrify Hemingway // We Show What Fascism Does to Fascists and the Poor People in the Way of Fascists // we Invent "Anti-Fascists" (like grandpa-pa) // We usher in the Nuclear Age with a Massive Collect…
Episode Notes Fascism tries to Recreate the Traditional World and Bores Everyone (Even Goring) // Stalin Murders the Great Artists but Gets Lots of Graphic Design to Brag About Him // America has a Crisis of Dignity // Gangsters escape the Limits of the World and Fall to Earth // Escapism makes One Forget About Life for a While // Comic Books Save …
Episode Notes Conservatives flock to Fascism to Save them from Liberal Communism and Burn up the World with Hate // There's only Silly Hitler in this Episode // The Nazis are Hyper-Masculine, Women Hating and Surprisingly, well, Gay. // Scar from the Lion King Appears // Charlie Chaplin Dances with a Globe // Fascism tries to Control the Economy wi…
Episode Notes The Communist Revolution in Russia // The Stalinist Destruction and Mass Murder // The Breaking of Society to Make a New World (and here's the thing - it works - it terribly, horribly, works) // The USSR Creates a Powerful State During the Great Depression
Episode Notes Mary Poppins and Modern Major Generals show that 1910 is the Age of (sometimes old) Men // Young men are in Crisis // Women are Marching for Rights and Rioting in the Streets // Mrs. Pankhurst is Clad in Irons Again // the World is Young and Full of Promise // The World is Old, Decadent, and Dying.…
Episode Notes Opium Wars and Revolutions in China // Indian Empires Collapse, fight Back, and lose // Africa goes from Rich to Exploited // Japan Industrializes to Avoid the World's Fate // Europe gets Rich // Cultures Die
I finally got around to watching the Netflix Original (a real one) anime series, Eden. I enjoyed it, but it definitely has its flaws, that mostly stem from the short 4 episode runtime and fairly common scifi theme. Not the soundtrack by Kevin Penkin though. That was beautiful! Anime Recommendation: Eden Interview with the producer Here’s a link to …
Episode Notes The US has a Conservative Revolution // The French have a Conservative and then Radical Revolution and then an Imperial Dictatorship // Haiti frees the Slaves // The Enlightenment succeeds and fails
Episode Notes Descartes invents the person // Hobbes thinks Hell is Other People // Locke tells us we're all great and then we have to live together // Rousseau thinks we are born free but live in chains
Episode Notes Science as Reaction to the Trauma of the Reformation // Galileo proves "it Still Moves" // New Technologies disprove Aristotle // Blood is a Solid? Yeah, Kind of. // Newton ruins College with Calculus but Proves God Exists
Episode Notes Martin Luther has 99 problems and the Pope is Definitely 1 // War, Torture, Secret Police, Jesuits, Sweden, Spain, and How do we all Get into Heaven now? // The Catholic Church Unleashes Michelangelo
Episode Notes The ottoman pick up the pieces // 1453 // gunpowder janissaries // magnificent rulers and the Great Porte // The Largest Mosque in the World // Terrible Rulers and Ineffective Viziers // Harems and Murder Plots // Falling Behind, Reform, Conservative Backlash, Collapse…
Episode Notes Islamic empires invade the Indus and the Ganges // Sikhs invent a new culture // Hindu conservatives react// Buddhism Ejected // the Taj Mahal and Conservative Cultural War for the future of Culture // India Breaks Apart, Reunites, Breaks apart Again.
Episode Notes We discuss the trauma of the Mongol Conquest // China's incorporation into Mongol Asia // Ming Revolution, Zheng HE's explorations // The Great Wall and Turning Inward // Little vs Big "China" // The End of the Ming and the Manchu Conquest // The Last Ride of the Northern Barbarians // the Great Library and the Heights of Cultural Pow…
Episode Notes We tour the world to find the state of political and cultural power in 1450 // Who has the ability to conquer the world? Who has the will? Who has the geographic and cultural advantages to do so?
Episode Notes The Swedes Attack the East, the Danes and Norse Attack the West, the Roman World Breaks up // The Norse settle in France and Sicily and go on Crusade // The Atlantic World is Tied Together by Longships // Icelandic Poets are Punk + Heavy Metal from the Land of the Ice and Snow
Episode Notes The Last Ride of the Nomad Conquerors // The Superiority of the Mongol Armies // The Disaster for Civilization // The Breakup of the Mongol World // Terror as Legitimacy
Episode Notes The Stages of Islamic Caliphate and the Consequences of Revolution // the Breakup of Islam // Sunni vs Shia // The Defeat at Constantinople and the Murder of the Umayyad // The Building of Baghdad and the Height of Civilization
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