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Ray’s Rants back to the 1960s 1970s 1950s in the UK Great Britain. British music scene, Jimi Hendrix The Rolling Stones. The pubs and clubs, Watney’s Red Barrel beer, Babycham, Cherry B the night life. The cars, the workplace, television and pirate radio. Kids and schools back in the early days. 60s fashion and clothes, flairs and miniskirts. London, Caroline, Luxembourg. Mini cars skirts. Holiday in caravan, Butlin’s
Great Britain at War

Great Britain at War

Jeffery Farnol by

The book follows Jeffery Farnol as he visits a number of key locations around Britain and on the continent, each demonstrating how members of English society have come together to work towards the goal of "defeating the hun". On a visit to a naval dockyard, he reports on how the ships are being constructed, takes us on a tour of a destroyer and introduces us to the crew. He also visits a machine gun factory, and discovers how the great guns are built. His tour continues onto the continent wh ...
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The BBC used to be renowned the world over for its impartiality, its truthfulness, its consistency... So, what went wrong? In this episode, I ramble on about radio and TV, school days, playing truant and loads more stuff. Please, join me.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
The BBC, Facebook, the news and more in this Midweek Message. Were news outlets biased in the old days? Now, there's a question!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Families in the 1950s. Who was the Boss? Who was the breadwinner? Who owned the house? What roles did each family member have? In this episode, I look back at family life in the 1950s. Please, join me.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
In this week's Midweek Message, I ramble on about families, parsnips, the weather and... and something else. Please, join me!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
In this episode, I talk about the ice age, embarrassing first date incidents, pranks and loads of other stuff. Please, join me!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Did you have an embarrassing incident on your first date? In this Midweek Message, we hear from Nick who... I'll let Nick tell the tale. I hope you're keeping well. Summer is on the way!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Remember making go karts from old bits of wood and pram wheels? Great fun! Kids made loads of stuff back in the 1950s and 60s. Why? Because not all parents had loads of money so, if you wanted something, you had to make it. See-saws, swings, football goals and nets... we made it! Join me for a look back at go karts and other stuff.…
I've mentioned the Birds Nest at Brighton... Now, new information has come to light about the pub. In this episode, I read from an article about the fantastic nightlife! They were great days!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Hi, and welcome to another weekly podcast episode. This week, I'm chatting about pets... and sadly losing them to old age at some stage. The majority of people have pets. Rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters, goldfish, tortoises... the list is endless. Pets become part of the family. When they pass away, it can be devastating. Someone saying, 'it was only…
It's time to bring the project to a close. In this chapter, we touch on some subjects we haven't covered and check if Elisa's British boyfriend still wants to talk to us. Thank you for being with us through those 10 episodes, and let's home we'll meet one day in our new podcast entitled "You're Great again, Britain!" * * * While Elisa wants to rema…
Hello and welcome to another Midweek Message. Stoning the crows, or seagulls. growing vegetables and a load more rubbish. Please, join me.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
What's so interesting about a window cleaner? You won't believe this... I was a window cleaner for a couple of weeks! And, I drove a taxi for a couple of weeks! In this episode, I look back at some of the weird things I did in the good old days.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Hi, and welcome to another Midweek Message. Jacks, tic tak toe, hotdogs, Butlin's, Pink Floyd... Join me for a good old ramble in this episode!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Working Title? Well, I couldn’t think of a good title so that’s it. I cover a range of topics in this episode. Bird watching, the traffic calming LTNs, the traffic banning ULEZ, pubs closing, my imminent dreadful weekend, what goes round comes round, rival sisters, plus a load of other rubbish! Please, join me!…
Crikey, it's Wednesday again! And, it's the 1st February... summer is definitely around the corner. This Sunday's podcast is called... Working Title. Why? because I couldn't think of a title. Regardless of the title, I hope you enjoy the episode.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Books from the old days... Janet and John, Chicken Lickin'... What were your favourite childhood books? Also, I chat about the cold winters in Britain... amongst other ramblings. Please, join me!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Hello from the beach where the temperature is -1C and the waves are crashing in. We're towards the end of January now so spring is just around the corner!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
In the old days, we had family values. As children, we were taught not to chuck litter on the ground. Playground fights were relatively harmless. Stealing things was bad. In this episode, I look back to the times when children were taught manners, amongst many other things.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
People from all over EU until recently were coming to the UK in their thousands to look for work. People from other parts of the world still find Britain an attractive destination. But is the British workmarket a good place to be an employee? Was it ever? Are salaries really good and worker's right protected? The comparition with Finland or even It…
We're in the middle of winter and it's cold... -5C last night. Several road accidents in Sussex caused by black ice, so be careful out there. At least the rain has stopped and the sun is shining. Happy days!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Carrying on from last week, Reading The Room and related stuff sparked quite a lot of interest. So, here we go again with a mention of being self employed, family and politics and other stuff.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
One of Elisa's English language students said that "Britain is the country where everything is organized and buses are always on time". Oh, how wrong she was. With the bus and rail strikers, the government accuses trade union leaders for "making the public transport unreliable". But perhaps they should go on strike, because it can hardly get any wo…
Hi, I hope you're well. This Sunday I'll be talking about reading the room, self employment, people who bang on about politics... and bucket loads of other stuff. So, please join me.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Who remembers the winter of discontent back in the 1970s? There was the three day week, strikes, power cuts... Not a happy time for many. Join me for a chat about that and, as usual, shed loads of other stuff.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
We invited professor Jan Čulík, lecturer in Czech from the school of modern languages and cultures at Glasgow University today. We decided to ask him if the British universities, so famous around the world for their teaching quality, are really as good as their places in the rankings show. Turns out, not everything is going so great, especially aft…
It's 2023 and it's still raining! Christmas and new year's eve are behind us so roll on summer. Thanks for all your emails and messages. I'm looking forward to many more Podcast episodes this year. I hope you you'll be joining me.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Happy new year! In this episode I relate some 1940s memories from people who lived through the war. I also tell you a little story about telepathy which, I hope, you'll find interesting.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Our guest today is Mat Ireland, driver, podcaster, and writer. We discuss the topic of the infrastructure for truckers in Britain. You can find Mat: - on youtube: - on Facebook: - the Truck and Driver podcast is here: a…
Hi, I hope you had a great Christmas. It was lovely but it's nice when it's all over. I've just got to get through this coming Saturday evening... new year's eve. Then I can look forward to the spring and summer months of 2023.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
It's Christmas day! Happy Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time. Join me for a quick chat about Christmas and, of course, lots of other stuff.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
This week Elisa and Tomasz discuss why British bureaucracy is so disfunctional and what can be done to improve user's experience in contact with the government, banks and other insitutions. To ilustrate problems when talking to automatic voice recognition systems, we used a fragment of a clip from a TV show Burnistoun:…
Only four sleeps to Christmas day! And then we can look forward to the spring with lighter evenings, warmer days, flowers... I hope you're looking after yourselves and keeping warm. The temperature is up into the teens now, which is nice.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
I Once Knew A Girl. I once knew many girls but, in this episode, I recall just a few of the young ladies I encountered. As Usual, I bang on about other things such as the Inland Revenue, building materials, garden patios and more... Please, join me.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Britons are pround of being one of the richest economy. But are standards of living really that great? We lived in a few countries between us, and we can't remember topics like "mould", "leaving rooms unheated to save money", "single glazing windows" and "struggling to fit double bed into the bedroom" to be topics of everyday conversations anywhere…
Apologies to our American listeners. Find out why in this week's message. We have the beast from the east here in the UK so I hope you're keeping warm. Stock up on the essentials for Christmas... beer, beans and bread!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Are you ready for Christmas? These days, getting ready for Christmas seems to be such panic. People are under great pressure. What was it like in the old days? Join me for a chat about Christmas, and loads of other stuff.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Britain is very proud of it's democracy. You can often hear soundbites like "world leading", "well-established" or "historic". Sure, Magna Carta and other things were good - for their time. But it's XXI century. Is Britain's democracy suitable for the times we live in? Can it be even considered a modern democracy at all?…
I hope you're keeping warm. It's 2 degrees C here in Briton... 35 Fahrenheit. It is winter so there's no point in moaning! Got any ideas for Sunday's episode? Email me... raysrants@protonmail.comโดย Ray’s Rants UK
How the English language has changed over the decades... over many centuries! Words, once quite innocent, now have a completely different meanings. In this episode, I bang on about the English language and loads of other stuff. Join me, if you will. Or what!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Britain is a beautiful country. Old victorian towns, beautiful landscape, walkable city centres. Yet it is all spoiled by rubbish. Litter is everywhere, even despite the fact that bins are plentiful and easily accessible - from the main streets of big cities to the most remote areas of Scotland. Why is it, that Britain can't keep itself tidy? Why, …
It's the first of December tomorrow! Good grief, where has this year gone? In this episode, I mention an interesting statistic about cars. Join me for a quick chat.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
When I was a boy, I did loads of things... good and bad! They were great days. In this episode, I recall some of the delights, and downfalls, of being a child back in the 50s and 60s.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
Once upon a time, I (Tomasz) was asked to write a series of articles about how Britain looks through the eyes of foreigners. I simply had to start with the NHS. It's a recurring topic of every conversation between EU citizens in the UK. I think pretty much every European we met - from Bulgarians to Portuguese - have very bad opinion of British heal…
Wow, winter has arrived! 2 degrees Centigrade - 35 Fahrenheit. I hope you're all keeping warm. No, not my Southern Hemisphere listeners. I know you're warm down there. This coming Sunday's episode is called 'When I Was A Boy'. I hope you enjoy it.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
This week I'm rambling on about the National Health Service and other stuff such as pirate radio, BBC radio, the good old days and... Join me if you will!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
The weather, the dentist, the National Health Service... Join me for a quick midweek chat.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
What on earth has happened to radio these days? What a load of rubbish! In the old days, the music was great, the DJs were brilliant... These days, all the radio stations sound the same. Join me for a moan. Also, I'll be banging on about television and how good it used to be, and loads of other stuff.…
The Continuing Story of... I think I'm going to have several continuing stories. Payton Place, the dentist, the leaky roof. Join me for a good old moan!โดย Ray’s Rants UK
A rather shorter episode this time due to my ongoing mouth pain. However, all is not lost. In this episode, I tell you a story about high voltage pylons and ghosts! I hope to be back on form for next Wednesday's Midweek Message.โดย Ray’s Rants UK
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