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In this episode, I talk about how global warming can affect us. Or even kill us. Go to: Dreamwalking by | e s c p | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) to find good music for your podcasts.…
This podcast would be talking about global warming. The definition and causes to the planet Earth. In it, the effects throughout the world would be shown. However, it will specifically talk about Antartica.
We go into depth about how and what we can do, how scientists created the great green deal to improve the environment, and parents responses to global warming of their concern for their children’s future
I dive into the details of the arctic and the weather patterns of the arctic. Is it true that the arctic is melting? Please support this channel if you like the content.โดย Investigating Climate
This episode I am going to talk about mostly temperature and I brought up CO2 and temperature towards the end of the podcast. The long and short of it, CO2 is not causing the temperature to rise.โดย Investigating Climate
This is the first podcast of many. I tried to cover several topics, and I couldn't get to all of them. In the several videos and podcast to follow, I will try to touch everything in detail. Thank you for listening.โดย Investigating Climate
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