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Hannah challenges us to choose to believe God's promises and truth for us over how we may feel, think or what others might say. She asks the question... 'Where do we find our self worth and self value?'
Sam discusses the idea of Identity in our culture and how it can lead to confusion, fragility and Identity crisis. He explains how understanding our identity in Christ can lead to confidence and security.
In the final Episode on Genesis Pip, Joelle and Sam discuss the story of Joseph (Gen 37-50), including the challenging passage on Tamar, Joseph’s character issues, where we see Jesus, the echoes and patterns between Genesis and Exodus, and the importance of avoiding a ‘prosperity gospel’ interpretation.…
In this part 2 and final message from our Proverbs series Chris again unpacks chapter 3 v5-6 and the four step process for making good decisions - this week looking at...3: In all your ways acknowledge Him and 4: He will make your paths straight.
Using Proverbs 3 v5-6 Chris unpacks a four step process for making good decisions - this week he looks at...1: trusting in the Lord with all our heart and 2: not leaning on our own understanding.
Pip, Joelle and Sam discuss Genesis 12-36 the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with all it's twists, turns, brokenness, mess and yet God's faithfulness. They talk about finding the meaning and application in these challenging narratives and pitfalls to avoid.
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