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Antz and Tylis lay down the fear in this episode as they explore the horrors of game bugs, weapon imbalances and more with a few spooky tales mixed in! Gear up. Game on.โดย Elite Gaming Gear
Lathen, Z and Ed dive into the latest gaming announcements, flash back to hijinks on the high seas, and look forward to the future of C4! Don't miss this one gamers! Gear up. Game on.โดย Elite Gaming Gear
(Language Warning) Lathen and Isaias discuss modern survival horror games, Nintendo classic console releases, revamped intellectual properties, and the upcoming Central City Comic Con!โดย Elite Gaming Gear
David and Drez introduce themselves as the face... errr... voice of the Elite Gaming Gear Podcast UK Division! Laughter abounds as our two newest hosts share their experiences and views on that one subject we all hold dear.โดย Elite Gaming Gear
The guys at E.G.G. share their favorite moments from the recent Elite Gaming Gear party, as well as their thoughts on Poke'mon, and a little about the upcoming Central City Comic Con 2016!โดย Elite Gaming Gear
In this episode, Antz revisits a hardcore classic while Lathen muses on the Overwatch and Battleborn betas. Finally they lay down the epic differences between the COD Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 releases!โดย Elite Gaming Gear
**WARNING: MATURE CONTENT** There's a full house at the Elite Gaming Gear Podcast studio! Doc drops in on Lathen, Antz, Z, and Isaias to field questions from one of our podcast fans. News and reviews and unbiased opinion follow on games from every platform, as well as current events in the tech world. It's a no holds barred free for all in this cha…
Pokemon fuses with Tekken, Playstation corners the VR market with it's smartly priced headset, and cross platform wins the day as Antz and Lathen ponder exciting new possibilities.โดย Elite Gaming Gear
Lathen, Antz, and Leslie hit the studio for an intermediate episode to mention a sequel to a game we love to hate, the return of a childhood classic (or two), and to welcome our newly sponsored gaming affiliate, Guillotine Gaming.โดย Elite Gaming Gear
Lathen, Z, and Antz debate Mass Effect vs Dragon Age, Z gears up for an epic Let's Play race in Forza 6, horror games are on the horizon, and JRPGs make for ample tears... (tissues optional).โดย Elite Gaming Gear
Lathen and Antz dive into the newest addition to the Mario franchise on the 3DS, and share some of their experiences in the port of ARK: Survival Evolved... Oh and there's sushi too!โดย Elite Gaming Gear
(NSFW: This episode contains adult language, content, and themes.) Elite Gaming Gear welcomes the legendary gamer "Doc" into the studio to discuss his take on some of the biggest games this season, as well as some upcoming movies. We round out this episode with our 2015 Gamer Gift Guide.โดย Elite Gaming Gear
Lathen takes the show solo after a few weeks off to recover from Central City Comic Con. The event gets a once over, as does a few of Nintendo and Sony's shortcomings (you're not exempt either Microsoft), and finally a call to action for you the gamers!โดย Elite Gaming Gear
In this episode, we introduce some of the team that will be helping out at the Central City Comic Con 2015. Antz, Lathen, Jarin, and Leslie discuss gaming hits and misses, as well as all of the exciting things to check out at the Con! Oh yeah... there's a few plugs in there too....โดย Elite Gaming Gear
**Listener Discretion Advised: This episode containts adult language** Elite Gaming Gear welcomes a special guest into the studio to talk about everything from switching consoles to growing up as a gamer.โดย Elite Gaming Gear
In this episode, Antz and Lathen get nostalgic about Nintendo, and look to what the future might hold for the company that fostered in the Age of Gamers. Minecraft makes another appearance with some exciting news, and The Taken King seems to have "Taken" Antz's attention...again...โดย Elite Gaming Gear
Lathen and Antz give their first impressions of the new Destiny game mode, Rift, as well as their thoughts on the console wars, Minecraft, and Nintendo...kinda...โดย Elite Gaming Gear
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