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Gabernet : /ˌgabərˈnā/ noun// Gabernet is a podcast where we talk about the chick flicks we all know and love while drinking the wine we (hopefully) love. We review the movies AND the wine. So grab your favorite wine, pull up a chair, and have a listen to Gabernet!
Chris G & Gabe Ramos present "MOVE", a weekly podcast bringing you the best in house, deep house, indie and nudisco. Move will be selecting a track and booty of the week from different artists to be aired on our weekly podcast. If you think you've got the MOVE email us your track: If you're a radio station interested in airing MOVE every week, please contact us: Follow our networks by visiting
This podcast is based around educating others on a highly stigmatized mental disorder, commonly known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Our main goal is to educate others on what it is like to live with it as well as how to cope. We will talk about lots of other things too because everything is connected. So if you experience life and enjoy smoking weed, and everything in between. This podcast is for you:) @Gaea.Gabe is our IG, be sure to give us a follow there 💜
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After a historic Kevin Durant performance, in a game that James Harden didn't provide much in 46 minutes, Jen & Gabe are trying to figure out which Nets star they despise more. Justin McCoy from Cousins Subs drops by with an announcement. And Sophia Minnaert talks...balls?โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Shannon Defliese (GCHS '10) is a teacher, a mom, a decorated lacrosse player and an all-around great person! (She also inspired the pod!) It was great to catch up and hear about motherhood, spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's and lots more!(Apologies for the slight audio issue in this episode! It was a mistake on my end but I think the ep is stil…
Sezon Finalimizde internetin eskilerinden 5posta mahlaslı Korkut'u konuk ettik. Sosyal Medya üzerine sohbet ettik. Bir sonraki sezon görüşmek üzere! AKIŞ İnternetin Geçmişi 00:28 İnternetin Geleceği & Sansür 10:59 Sosyal Medya Personaları 16:15 Cancel Culture 34:20 Covid 52:35โดย Garç Gabe
Welp. Bucks let Game 5 slip away and the Nets now lead the series 3-2. Charles Barkley says the Bucks are dumb, so the crew is asking if that's a fair assessment? And where should the blame fall? We've also gotta Take Out the Trash.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
As mentiras de Jair Bolsonaro são tema do "Lauro e Gabeira" desta semana. Uma das últimas do presidente foi dizer que 50% das mortes atribuídas à Covid-19 no Brasil no ano passado não foram causadas pela doença. Em conversa com apoiadores no Palácio da Alvorada, Bolsonaro falou de um suposto relatório do Tribunal de Contas da União que apontaria um…
James Jones thinks things aren't that complicated for the Packers and Gabe takes umbrage with what he said. Arguing about Girl Scout Cooking during Power Rankings. How does culture impact the workplaces? Game 5 tonight for the Bucks which means...BUCKS IN 6!โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Now that we've heard the full quote from Mark Murphy mentioning Aaron Rodgers as a "complicated fella", how are you viewing it? Jason Wilde joins the show. A caller asks why we haven't heard about the Packers culture from anyone other than Aaron Rodgers? The crew debates.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Chewy's got a theory about how the Nets are gonna approach the rest of this series with the Bucks...and Ashton disagrees. Is being complicated a false narrative of Aaron Rodgers? Jen says this whole conversation is more of a nothing burger than anything.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Im heutigen Podcast habe ich Dardan zu Gast. Er ist ein Rapper aus meiner Heimat Stuttgart und auch bekannt unter dem Pseudonym Mister Dardy. Dardan erzählt, wie sich sein Leben verändert hat, nachdem sein erster Song auf YouTube gelandet ist und wie man mit solch einem plötzlichen Erfolg umgeht, vor allem im Privatleben. Ich habe ihn gefragt, wie …
Giannis said shooting three are an instinct like drinking coffee. What? The show figures out what bad instincts they have. Did Russell Wilson provide somewhat of a blueprint for Aaron Rodgers to return? Possibly. The week wraps with Hot & Cold.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Bucks beat the Nets in Game 3, but is anyone feeling good about the series? The crew dives into the performance. Jason Wilde & Craig Karmazin join the show. What's up with Giannis as an offensive player...can the show come up with what their simple weaknesses are?โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Is Jordan Love going to be a game manager with the Packers? Dan Orlovsky thinks so and the show reacts. Chewy gives some interesting clues during Top 8 at 8 as we talk uniforms. Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock? Jen & Gabe race.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Today's theme is "Never get too high, never get too low"...or at least that's what Jen thinks for Jordan Love and the Bucks. Gabe explains his disagreement with that for fans. Jason Wilde joins the show. What are we to make of Jordan Love's day at camp? And, Chewy's rules for jersey numbers.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
What's the best P.E. game? The crew tries to figure that out, while also arguing about what the class is actually called. We've gotta Take Out The Trash, which gets derailed (duh). Sophia Minnaert joins us from Cincinnati! And we've got final thoughts on Jordan Love's performance so far in camp.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Is it concerning that the reports on Jordan Love with the first team aren't exactly going swimmingly? Chewy's got a theory about why the team might be acknowledging that. Dan Orlovsky says the Packers are in a lose-lose-lose, so Jen asks fans if it's possible to come up with a 'win' in this situation. Plus, what are the best P.E. games?…
A crise na CBF, que veio acompanhada por denúncias de assédio sexual, e a tentativa do governo federal de interferir na Seleção Brasileira é um dos assuntos do "Lauro e Gabeira" desta semana. Os colunistas comentam o escândalo que provocou o afastamento temporário de Rogério Caboclo da presidência da CBF, além das denúncias de corrupção de antigos …
What on Earth happened to the Bucks in Game 2 against the Nets? The show tries to make sense of it and asks how it can change. We've got QB Power Rankings! And what is the next step for the Packers when Aaron Rodgers doesn't show? What will be said? Ashton had a good thought! Sure, let's explore that.…
What is the more annoying "no-show" this morning: Bucks or Rodgers? The crew debates that while reacting to the Bucks Game 2 loss. Jason Wilde joins in to talk Rodgers. And we once again try to figure out what it is that Aaron Rodgers wants.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Who is driving the bus in Green Bay? The crew debates that topic when it comes to how the Rodgers/Packers saga is being parsed. Also, what's the definition of "flounce"? And what's the deal with Chewy saying if the Bucks lose Game 2 the series over?โดย WisconsinOnDemand
We gotta go through the weekend with our Number 1s and Number 2s to start the show! Mark Murphy decided to answer some e-mails over the weekend and made some comments that raised the show's eyebrows. Plus, are you a fan of the pop-in?โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Die Medizin wird von der Wirtschaft stark beeinflusst. Welche Faktoren hierbei eine Rolle spielen erzählt uns Prof. Dr. Dr. Gandjour. Er hat Medizin, Wirtschaft sowie Philosophie studiert und sich auf die Kosten-Nutzen-Analysen im Gesundheitssystem fokussiert. Zudem forscht er im Bereich der Preisgestaltung von Medikamenten. Prof. Dr. Dr. Gandjour …
Who's beating the Bucks from the West? The crew thinks Bucks-Nets might as well be the Finals. What's the past tense of 'Rise and Shine'? Jason Wilde and Craig Karmazin join. And how is it both National Cheese and National Donut Day??โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Jen shares what ended up happening to her during her court appearance, which leads to some questions from the crew. Jason Wilde joins the show. There's a greedy Packers, and the reason is not what you might expect.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Chris Regan is a classmate and touring musician! He's played with The Movie Life, The Meantime, Four Year Strong, and Giants at Large! He's a great musician, an old friend, and it was great to hear what his 20's have been like.. (SO FAR he's only 26!!)Check out The Meantime on Spotify here:…
We've spent an hour gathering fan responses for how Jen might be able to reduce her sentence, no it's time to ask some friends! Steve Wexler and Craig Karmazin join to give tips and to share some exciting station news, and Sophia Minnaert provides some perspective. Plus, we've gotta Take Out The Trash and get court updates.…
Jen's got a (virtual) court date today for her (alleged) speeding. She's taking any and all advice from fans on how she could possibly get her punishment reduced. There's a mock trial to determine how it will turn out.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
As manifestações de sábado contrárias ao governo Bolsonaro, que reuniu milhares de pessoas nas ruas de 21 capitais do Brasil, é um dos temas do podcast "Lauro e Gabeira" desta semana. Em resposta, Jair Bolsonaro está convocando uma marcha para Jesus, que também contará com a presença de motociclistas. Lauro Jardim e Fernando Gabeira também falam da…
Can you possibly say something nice about the Aaron Rodgers/Packers situation? On #NationalSaySomethingNiceDay, the show asks Packers fans to come up with nice things. Plus, does Aaron Rodgers have a drop dead date in his head? Chewy thinks he has to, but Gabe is sure we've already passed it.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Is there a worse way to determine a tiebreaker than by flipping a coin? The crew tries to figure that out after Jen's son's team dealt with that issue at a baseball tournament. Jason Wilde joins the show. It's National Say Something Nice Day.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Mein heutiger Gast ist Prof. Dr. Sandner, ein Spezialist im Bereich Blockchain. Auch wenn Themen wie Kryptowährungen und Blockchain immer häufiger Bestandteil unserer Nachrichten werden, wissen manche noch gar nichts mit diesen Begriffen anzufangen. Daher habe ich mich mit Prof. Dr. Sandner über den Ursprung von Blockchain unterhalten und welche Vo…
The show celebrates the Bucks-Heat series being over after Thursday's huge win, which somehow leads to a discussion on which Bucks are which kitchen appliances. Chewy's got a story to tell about being late. And we wrap up the week with Hot & Cold.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
The debate about Hawaii Five-0 vs. Magnum P.I. rages on. Are we the most geographically-challenged show in the world? Today's Top 8 at 8 puts that theory to the test. Who is the songbird of this generation, and why is the answer Taylor Swift? Things get contentious at the end.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
There's a big debate about how Wednesday's show ended. Jason Wilde joins in to start the Packers convo. Jen is starting to feel bad for Jordan Love, but the show as a whole isn't sure why exactly. Aaron Rodgers is in Hawaii, so we discuss Hawaii-based TV shows.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Glenn McKenna, former middle school classmate, recently retired Naval Officer, and future Bagel-boiling magnate stops by talk Mental Health on a submarine, food, and what makes a great bagel.Follow @Glennsbagels before they take over the world!
If fans could only guarantee one for this year, would they pick a return to GB for Aaron Rodgers or a Bucks championship? Gabe thinks there's a clear misunderstanding of how the state thinks. We Take Out the Trash and talk with our pal Sophia Minnaert.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
A manifestação realizada pelo presidente Bolsonaro, no último domingo no Rio de Janeiro, é um dos assuntos do "Lauro e Gabeira" desta semana. No podcast, os colunistas Lauro Jardim e Fernando Gabeira comentam as consequências da participação do ex-ministro da Saúde Eduardo Pazuello no ato, que aconteceu um dia antes do Brasil registrar 450 mil mort…
Mein heutiger Gast ist einer der kontroversesten YouTuber in unserer Generation. KuchenTV ist durch seine ehrlichen und auch polarisierenden Meinungsvideos sehr bekannt geworden, in denen er aktuelle Themen aufgreift und diese kommentiert. Dabei äußert er auf sehr ehrliche Art und Weise seine Meinung zu Themen wie der Cancel Culture, Body Positivit…
The conversation about Aaron Rodgers' appearance on ESPN continues. Is there a way for the Packers to appeal to Rodgers WITHOUT firing Brian Gutekunst? Jen has an idea. Plus, what's the deal with this cleanse Rodgers did? The crew tries to figure out if any of them could do it. Fan reaction.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Aaron Rodgers finally spoke publicly, but did anyone actually learn anything? Jason Wilde joins the show to try and understand what was said. Jen/Chewy are on a completely opposite side of Gabe when discussing the level of input Aaron Rodgers deserves to have.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
What is Rodgers gonna say to Ken Mayne tonight during his appearance on ESPN? The crew determines if there's even anything Rodgers could say that would turn fans back in his favor...or is it a no-win situation? Plus, we create a BINGO card for Rodgers' appearance.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
It's Monday, so the show gives their Number 1s and Number 2s from the weekend! Is Phil Mickelson winning at 50 really that impressive? Jen isn't sold. And which is more impressive: Brady's Super Bowl at 43 or Lefty's Major at 50?โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Craig Karmazin had a theory during his appearance on the show, saying the Packers didn't go for it enough in 2020. The crew debates the merits of that idea, trying to determine if they truly didn't go for it, or if it just didn't work. What are some antiquated things in your life? And wrapping up the week with Hot & Cold.…
Who's the biggest sports star in WI right now? Jen's got a crazy idea on who it is. Jason Wilde and Craig Karmazin join the show. The Packers didn't go for it in 2020? Maybe that question isn't so crazy.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
Just because Rodgers hasn't gone public yet, doesn't mean he doesn't have a reason to be unhappy. Gabe has some theories to run by Jen & Chewy. QBs as golfers? That's today's Top 8 at 8. Arguing about who among us is a fraud.โดย WisconsinOnDemand
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