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Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology

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Dr. Carlos is an adjunct Professor in Forensic Psychology and Criminal psychopathology. He discusses concepts in the world of forensic psychology. He discusses legal issues pertaining to forensic psychology, psychology disorders, the criminal justice system and more
司法心理學(Forensic psychology),是一門衍生自法律學與心理科學的應用科學;專門將心理學的理論,研究,與知識應用在各式各樣的法律議題上。 聽起來有點令人卻步?可是有許多你熱愛的電視劇集,電影,與文學作品正大量的運用司法心理學的議題,進行討論呢! 《法客心法影劇組》正是為了愛看書追劇追電影你所設計的podcast;也希望在談影聊劇的過程中,跟你分享一點司法心理學的相關概念,同時也做一下思考練習。 歡迎加入《法客心法》podcast夥伴的行列! 更歡迎訂閱,敲碗點播主題,以及贊助我們做出更多好節目! (音樂Credit:片頭--Something Elated by Broke For Free;片尾--If by Broke For Free) Powered by Firstory Hosting
This work describes and analyzes several cases of pathological behavior. The interest comes not only from the cases themselves, but also from the of-its-time analysis which is mired in what we now know to be wrong thinking about mental illness, sexuality, gender, and race. - written by Mary Schneider
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This episode features two forensic psychologists working within the Youth Custody Service. Alisa Purton is a registered Forensic Psychologist and an Associate Fellow and Chartered Scientist of the British Psychological Society. Alisa joined the prison service in 2001 and has worked with children in custody since 2008. She is currently the lead psyc…
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