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Flipdish Takeaways

Flipdish Takeaways

Flipdish Takeaways

Experienced restaurant owners, hospitality business experts and thought leaders share their lessons learned, trade secrets and discuss the opportunities ahead. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes of a restaurant or takeaway, and this is the best place to hear the inside scoop.
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In this episode, Yvonne speaks with Pankaj Rawat from Bell Bottom, an Indian restaurant located in Edinburgh, Scotland. They chat about his new vegan menu, his passion for cooking and the new three-kitchen restaurant he plans to open in the New Year.โดย Flipdish Takeaways
Tori Rouse from The Rocket Oven chats with Yvonne about the airstream style trailer she operates with her husband, George, in Chesham, England. They talk about the challenges they have faced and their planned Rocket Route.โดย Flipdish Takeaways
Carlos Ortiz from Aloha Poké joins Yvonne to talk about the origins of his business, how to create an authentic poké bowl, his dedication to keeping his restaurant zero waste and plastic free, as well as the growth of the Aloha Poké brand.โดย Flipdish Takeaways
In this episode of Flipdish Takeaways, Gillian Clarke speaks with Yvonne about her role in Dublin Meat Company, and shares their secrets on setting up and managing their own fleet of drivers allowing them to achieve nationwide delivery. She tells us about the development of the Fit Foods Brand including the installation of Fit Foods vending machine…
In this episode of Flipdish Takeaways, Winston Xu from Barshu, a Chinese restaurant located in Soho, London, talks to Yvonne about the unique taste of Sichuan cuisine, the restaurant’s shift to online ordering and takeaways, and their recent inclusion in the Michelin Guide.โดย Flipdish Takeaways
Rob O’Neill from The Village Yard in Ballybrack, Dublin joins Yvonne to chat about the growth of The Village Yard during the pandemic as an artisan food and drinks space, the different vendors available and his plans for the future.โดย Flipdish Takeaways
Wendy Napthine Frame, owner of Cromars fish and chip shop in St. Andrews, Scotland joins Yvonne Morgan for the first episode of Flipdish Takeaways. They chat about the origins of Cromars, recent changes to the business and Wendy’s involvement in the local community.โดย Flipdish Takeaways
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