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Fitzroy Diaries is back, and this time, the streets are bare, everyone’s stuck at home. There are numbers that come in daily, and they seem to colour everything. But there are new neighbours to get to know, old friends to stumble on, and a pile of cardboard boxes threatening to topple over at any moment.
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Fitzroy’s mood seems to be lifting, as a little bit of hope seems to fill the air. Phone numbers are swapped, and the idea of a party starts to take shape. Could life be returning to normal? Could it really be possible?
A glorious run, alone in the world, turns into a neighbourhood rescue, in which walls are climbed, ambulances are called, and useless ladders are held. Amidst the drama, a romance is unfolding before our very eyes. We think so, anyway.
Does time even exist? Did last week actually happen? Is it midday already? And what about that time, all those years ago, when you had your best friend close by? And how does it all change when here she is, in front of you, after all these years?
Morning Worship from Fitzroy Presbyterian Church Belfast led by the Rev Steve Stockman with contributions from church musicians and other members on the theme of "Jesus the Good Shepherd"โดย Rev Steve Stockman
Morning Worship for Palm Sunday, from Fitzroy Presbyterian Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Led by Rev Steve Stockman, with contributions from the church musicians and prayers and scripture reading by members of the congregation.โดย Rev Steve Stockman
with Rev. Steve Stockman. Prayers led by Paul Bowman, with a reading from Mark's gospel by Eileen McGeown. Music from Paul and Talitha Bowman, Alison and Sarah McNeill, Chris Blake and Stephanie Hall. Anne McMurray invites us to Compass Conversations on Wednesday night....there will be a link to zoom on the church website,…
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