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Host Bree Noble shares insights on how to create a sustainable career as a woman in the music business. This show includes two different episode formats, solo shows where Bree provides tips and tricks from her own knowledge and experience, and interviews with female musicians and industry pros. These interviews are inspirational and informational and help our audience get a different perspective on the business of music.
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Breana Marin discusses how she got into licensing beats and arrangements online and how that not only allows her to make money doing something she loves from home but it also has boosted her profile and streaming numbers as an artist.
I know many listeners are struggling with health issues, especially now. You may think this means you can't have a career in music. I am here to tell you that isn't true. I did it and so can you. It just may look a little different than you imagined. I'm giving you some practical tips from my own experience on how to navigate it successfully.…
The beginning of the year is the perfect time to be thinking about systems for tracking your cash flow, setting up systems that take advantage of tax deductions and making sure you're saving for retirement. These might not be sexy subject but it is crucial for musicians not to ignore them.
From designing album art to session work, Melody Nest provides tons of ways for musicians to make money. It is also a great place for musicians to find freelancers to help them complete projects.
Beth & Cayla, our community managers in our Female Indie Musician Community, talk about how to avoid burnout during this busy holiday season. With gigs to play, gifts to buy and all the other things to keep up with, how can we still find peace and joy?
Alarke (Mary Alouette) talks about how her fans have shown up for her when she needed them most through Crowdfunding campaigns and private patronage and how be clear and direct with your fans in asking for what you need.
Jessica Peresta of The Domestic Musician talks about supporting classroom teachers with music curriculum through her membership community. She also talks about how she was able to quit her teaching job to pursue her true passion of helping other teachers online.
This is the time of year we know we should be grateful and thanksul. But what if our circumstances are making it difficult to see the silver lining? Beth & Cayla give you some practical tips to help you find gratitude even when things are hard and we're not naturally feeling the joy.
Launching an online program can be daunting. But the rewards definitely outweigh the difficult stuff, the doubts and fears you may be experiencing. Listen to hear how we overcame some of this during our first launches and how we want to support you to help you move forward with launching that program you've been dreaming about.…
Out To Launch students share their progress, personal transformation and challenges that they overcame during the program with me and fellow coach Katie Zaccardi.
Our community managers in the Female Indie Musician Community share how they have been through ups and downs in their career and what they do to constantly renew their passion to keep going with their music career.
Today we answer a question we get all the time. Should I create another social media profile for my other pursuits, including teaching and coaching, or keep it all in one? We go over the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best decision for you.
Katie and I talk about the pros and cons of in-person versus online teaching/coaching, why it makes sense to expand your business online and how to make that pivot.
While Bree & Katie partner for their program "Out To Launch", they also launch programs on their own. This episode talks about how they used their own launching method to create the best, most stress-free launches they've ever had over the past few months. There are some golden nuggets of wisdom that came out of this conversation that you can apply…
As I near my 50th birthday...I've made some major shifts in my life and business that have significantly impacted how I show up, am able to make an impact and enjoy my business. I hope these shifts and lessons I've learned inspire you to look at ways you can lean into more of what gives you purpose, freedom and joy!…
As musicians, we're balancing a lot in our life and work. Creating healthy habits and routines is key to making progress in your career. But creating habits and routines is only the beginning. The only way they make a true difference is if you stick with them for the long haul and integrate them seamlessly into your life.…
How do you turn a listener into a fan and then a supporter of your music? You must have a clear fan discovery journey with several sticky points along the way. Let's talk about why your fans might not be sticking around and what your can do to fix it.
Last week we talked in depth about what my be holding you back from making progress in your career. In this episode I'm giving you the 5 step antidote that will transform you from being reactive in your career to becoming proactive.
REAL TALK ABOUT YOUR MUSIC CAREER PROGRESS If you've been trying to make progress in your music career and you see other artists getting traction, but your career feels more like one step forward two steps back...let's talk about the one hidden obstacle that might be holding you back.
I talk with Fiona Flyte about how to increase your views, subscribers and engagement on your YouTube Channel. There is a lot of training out there about YouTube, but this is specific to what musicians can do to improve their numbers.
Diane Foy coaches artists how to get PR and actually capitalize on it by having their foundation in place including their branding, story and unique angle so they can attract new listeners and turn them into longtime fans.
I talk with Emily about the difficulties artists have working with producers, how they've been disappointed, overcharged and their opinions disregarded and how she started ItyDity to solve these problems through Producer Matching.
Being a musician is not just about learning how to play and perform, especially if you want to succeed. You also need to learn about the business side of it, from marketing to networking, basically all the things that make the music industry what it is. Helping musicians find their footing and thrive, Bree Noble interviews Monica Strut, a musician,…
A lot of musicians don’t know what to do when it comes to promoting themselves, let alone music branding strategies. Sometimes, they don’t even want to promote themselves. They believe that promoting yourself is narcissistic and that it has to be phony or inauthentic for it to work. Joining Bree Noble to dispel this misconception is Megan Kuhar, a …
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