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Host Bree Noble shares insights on how to create a sustainable career as a woman in the music business. This show includes two different episode formats, solo shows where Bree provides tips and tricks from her own knowledge and experience, and interviews with female musicians and industry pros. These interviews are inspirational and informational and help our audience get a different perspective on the business of music.
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Kris Bradley is a musician who learned how to produce her music from home out of necessity. Now she produced for others and makes a great living doing it and is teaching artist like you how to do the same.
I talk with artist Laura Mustard about her journey through health issues and how shoe is able to be vulnerable about her struggles with her audience. It was definitely a journey into sharing herself that took her time to embrace. Laura Mustard is an independent artist and songwriter living in Nashville, TN. Her music focuses on themes of self accep…
Today I turn 50! On this episode I'm reflecting on how all the choices, experiences, trials and triumphs have led to where I am today as a musician, a business owner, an educator and influencer and as a person. Join me for a retrospective and a look forward to another decade as a woman in music.
This podcast is taken from our monthly community event inside the Female Indie Musician Community where we focus on a theme and provide motivation and mindset tips. This month's theme is self promotion. Beth & Cayla discuss how to overcome fear, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination and limiting beliefs that keep you from getting your m…
Streaming isn't just about getting on playlists anymore. Mike Warner, author of Work Hard Playlist Hard uncovers a multitude of different ways to increase your income from streaming platforms.
How do you know if you're "ready" to book gigs, release a course, take a job or invest in your music career? In this solo episode, Bree talks about why waiting until you're absolutely sure you're ready will cause you to miss opportunities. afr5CJYxUI6YWCcSnwK8
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