Fellowship Baptist Church Saskatoon สาธารณะ
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Are you good enough to access heaven by your own deeds? Paul lays out the one and only way of salvation but he begins by tearing down the possibility of earning God's favor and showing that none will ever enter heaven that way. We need a righteousness outside of ourselves, a perfect righteousness.โดย Keith Siemens
Jesus is undistracted by the accusations of the Pharisees, and continues on in the ministry He began in Matthew 4:23. Here we see the threefold ministry of Jesus and His heart for His people.โดย Pastor Steven Flippin
We are a people divinely instructed to fear the Lord. God has opened our eyes to His Holiness, His glory, and our own failure to honor and give Him thanks. He has instructed us of the infinite punishment we rightly deserve, yet He has also revealed to us the Savior who came to rescue sinners. Therefore, because we know the fear of the Lord, we pers…
Jesus resting in the sovereign will of the Father sleeps while the boat is tossed by the storm. The disciples, fearful for their lives, awake Him, and then become terrified at what they see.โดย Pastor Steven Flippin
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