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When is the last time you solved a murder? In our Podcast series Crimes in the ER - Fact and Fiction, Annie Roling never expects to be solving murders as the Administrator of the Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Room. Until the night John Lennon died, her life centered on her adored daughter and unequal parts of an old beau, a new fiancé, a detective pal and medical colleagues. She now faces a series of ongoing challenges in the world of suspicious events and mysterious deaths. In the early 80’s ...
Social Security Disability claimants are unfairly maligned; but they are your friends, former co-workers, and your family members. Claimants suffer from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, chronic back pain, digestive problems, and more. Their bodies and spirits are broken. Most have worked hard and paid into the system. Those who have not been able to work have eked out an existence fighting through a haze of abuse, physical pain, and mental illness. This podcast presents all of their viewpoin ...
A podcast about the real science behind your favorite science fiction themes and tropes. Each episode, I choose a recurring topic or two in science fiction, and then dive into how it works in reality. If you ever wanted to learn more about genetics, virtual reality, or space travel - this podcast is for you. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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Our Scottie’s know how to solve political problems – a stabbing frenzy will do the job. Will that mean everyone can live happily ever after? This whole thing will be unpleasant for our Queen of Scots. Here’s our victim David Rizzio. Queen Betty meantime is having good times except fort that annoying parliament and it’s going on and on about the suc…
We’ll check in on Nostradamus, Catherine de Medici, Sir Francis Walsingham and John Knox. But the big news is that Mary Queen of Scots is in love. Let’s hope she picked a winner. (She didn’t) Here’s our top spy Sir Francis.โดย dickshistory
The meeting between the two queens is still on again off again. Plenty of marriage proposals will be made but for Betty, our Gloriana virgin it’s all just fun and games. We’ll be off to France to help out our Huguenot mates and in Scotland it is the usual nobles squabbling.โดย dickshistory
Nostradamus is hanging around in France in our timeline so we may as well check him out. We can also get Catherine de Medici up to date and have a nice religious war get underway. All fun as usual.โดย dickshistory
Well to be fair, we have 3 women power players if we also consider Catherine de Medici has managed to sideline the boys in France and is running the show there. That gives us one protestant and two catholic power women but despite the different religions, they all are singing the same song – moderation – live and let live. But will the boys let tha…
Yes she does but is happiness to be found there for our teen Queen? There will certainly be some harsh on the job training in politics and the emerging new religion. Here’s a picture of her in the arrival lounge having a big old spew but like her Mum, Mary was actually a good sailor.โดย dickshistory
It’s he of the sexy legs and tight arse who is hot for our Betty and there should be way more of this stuff in history. But the bigger story going on is the reformation with non sexy types like John Knox who is in our face.โดย dickshistory
We’ll meet Sir Francis Walsingham then check out how things are going in France. (It’s bad) Worse for Mary, her one true love Frankie Snotface is off to heaven. Betty though is going great so there is that.โดย dickshistory
Or maybe not. The official verdict was death by accident but we’re not so sure. And we can have a look at religion. Betty might be inventing the Anglican church for us. Here’s a picture of teen Mary Queen of Scots in her mourning gear – mourning because sadly, this will be the last week for her mum Mary of Guise who will be off to heaven with the a…
Episode 2: According to Saundra Shohen, the actual Administrator of the Emergency Room at Roosevelt Hospital in the heart of New York City, two Johns died on the night of December 8, 1980. One was the world-famous musical icon, John Lennon...the other, an unidentified old man. This John Doe passed away under mysterious circumstances in the room rig…
Here she is in all her glory. The boys of the council are on to her about who are you going to marry and what about religion and other rubbish. Betty will tell them all to take a chill pill and just calm down.โดย dickshistory
Our lady, formerly princess, then back to princess is now queen Elizabeth 1. She’s survived the reign of her family, firstly dad the mad Welsh king, then teen king Ted and finally sister bloody Mary. This week we’ll look back at those fun days through the eyes of our magnificent new queen.โดย dickshistory
Here’s a new player in the game. John Knox, Scottie type and all round fun guy. He has some nice new ideas about how to do religion. Just what we need. Here’s a picture and I must say he looks a little bit like Dr Who.โดย dickshistory
Mary has got her man. He’s a tall, dark, handsome Spaniard. Well, he’s actually rather short and not that good looking, but he is a Prince. Mary though has drawn the short straw with her Council. Bunch of dickheads so can Mary sort them out?โดย dickshistory
Yesterday marked the second deadliest day in US history surpassing the Battle of Antietam. COVID-19 rages on as does the rampant corruption in the Trump administration. This, too, is the final episode of Legal Fact and Fiction as your intrepid host moves on to a new podcast, The Lance and the Boil, set to debut in 2021. Thanks for listening!…
Oh woe is us – we’re facing a future filled with garlic eating Spaniards coming over here and taking our jobs and not even learing our language! (They’re not) and they’re all drug dealers and rapists and some may be very fine people. Brave Sir Tom Wyatt can lead us all to freedom. Or perhaps a nasty execution. Spoiler alert in the image.…
I thought we might have a look at a few of the many, many, many prophets or messiahs who didn’t make it. Those who didn’t get a special day to mark their birth. Here’s a picture of one such guy, Sabbatai Zevi – Turkish Jew and barrel of laughs.โดย dickshistory
A few days ago a man walked around Hanes Mall parking lot in Winston-Salem. Not unusual at this time of year except he was naked and obviously in the midst of a psychotic break. So what did people do? One woman filmed it, showed it, and now people continue to repost and mock the guy on Facebook.โดย Michael Wells
Let’s get that holy oil massage going for Mary and pop on the silly hat. We can also read some words from tourists visiting England to see what life is like for common smelly types (not good) and meet Mary’s main man, Spanish Phil.โดย dickshistory
Amy Coney Barrett will hear many cases on climate change issues, but, during her Senate confirmation hearing, she failed to declined to express her views. This presents problems for environmental cases going forward.โดย Michael Wells
It’s not going well. Law and order are breaking down, the economy is in the dunny with poor people getting poorer while oddly enough the rich get richer. Can teen king Ted grow up, take control and make England great again? Probably not. Here’s a picture of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland.โดย dickshistory
Poorly named episode because Ted’s only off to the slammer. He’d gone all king Donald saying England was totally great again when all we need to do is look out the window to see unhappy people rebelling. John Dudley can now have a go but changing leaders may not lead to happiness and free ice cream on Sundays. Here’s a picture of Ted.…
Yes, religion is causing more problems but really, this may be the typical we’re unhappy about the money situation. Sadly, the guy in charge Ted Seymour, seems to be losing touch with reality.โดย dickshistory
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed, "There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump presidency." Does that mean he and other Republicans are planning an Electoral College coup? The evidence continues to mount, unless it is just dangerous talk.โดย Michael Wells
Ted Seymour will become the big swinging dick of England. Commissioners will be let loose to smash up any old saints still laying around and it’s to be stupid foreign wars. Situation normal then.โดย dickshistory
Time to get Henry into his temporary tomb and press on with the glorious reign of Edward 6. It’s another kiddie king and they haven’t worked out too well in the past. Both the conservatives and reformers will be looking to get control of the kiddie and the nation. Here’s a family portrait Henry had done. Henry with Jane Seymour who looks pretty goo…
Henry is finally going to his heavenly reward. Nice for him to be reunited with Anne Boleyn, Tom Cromwell, Catherine Howard, Sir St Tom and St John and all the other people he murdered. We can all heave a sigh of relief knowing he’s left England in tip top shape – or not. Here’s his hearse of magnificence.…
Henry has forgotten Cromwell’s number one rule – no stupid foreign wars. He will have a crack at the Scotties to keep them subdued while he nicks off to France. It’s sure to go splendidly well this time.โดย dickshistory
Time to meet number 6 for Henry and number 3 for Catherine who will join that endagered species queen of England. Also this week will be an update on Mary of Guise and sorry to tell you, it’s all going horribly wrong for the poor girl.โดย dickshistory
Episode 1: John Lennon’s Been Shot! tells the exciting story of the immediate chaotic aftermath of John Lennon's murder and the life-altering effect it has on the ER Administrator, Annie Roling. VigilAnnie becomes a true vigilante. Except for the names of known public figures mentioned in this podcast, all of the characters are entirely fictitious.…
It’s all changing for our Europeans with ships ‘discovering’ places like the America’s and getting to Indonesia. If we’re going to be doing more of that then of course we’ll need more warships. Here’s one of Henry’s ships ‘The Mary Rose’ – named for his sister.โดย dickshistory
Henry is in love. Again. This time it’s a teenage cousin of Anne Boleyn. Catherine, though, may be a girl with a past. Can it end well? Oil on panel, 73.7 x 49.5 cm National Portrait Galleryโดย dickshistory
In last night's debate, Donald Trump refused to call out white supremacists. In fact, he doubled down and requested white supremacist group, Proud Boys, "stand back and stand by." In other words, he asked them to help him interfere with voting. He also attacked Vice President's son, Hunter Biden.โดย Michael Wells
Having got to the top of the greasy pole, there’s only one way for Tom to go and it will be down. Will Henry give him gold watch and a nice retirement party? Unlikely. Still, we can be grateful to Tom for some of the things he did.โดย dickshistory
Time to meet a new player in the game. This girl is going places. Well she’s going to Scotland to be precise to become Queen of Scotland. Here she is with King Jim 5. It was either that or marry Henry and who would want to do that.โดย dickshistory
It’s the English reformation – Henry style. We’ll catch up with Giralamo Savonarola to see how religion is going generally, bring things up to date with Paul 3 and then Henry will be let loose. He certainly won’t be making things easy. King Henry VIII Presents Charter to Barber-Surgeonsโดย dickshistory
Reg Pole has decided to be Henry’s enemy. May not be the smartest idea given that he has family back in England. We’ll also catch up with Jane Parker AKA Jane Boleyn AKA Lady Rochford to see how our poor destituted widow is getting on. And Tom Cromwell will get stuck into religious statues and icons.…
Tom Cromwell is busy turning monastic houses into cash for Henry and he’s messing around with land tenure to bring in even more cash. The men in the north don’t like this stuff so it’s on to a glorious rebellion.โดย dickshistory
It’s Jane Seymour marrying by now no longer handsome prince Henry. May not be wedded bliss though. Lady formerly princess Mary will be back at court and baby Betty will also now be lady formerly princess. Tom Cromwell will make some foreign policy mistakes. Bad move Tom. Here’s Jane – nice hat.โดย dickshistory
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