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Crimes in the ER - Fact and Fiction

Crimes in the ER - Fact and Fiction

Louisa Burns-Bisogno & Saundra Shohen

When is the last time you solved a murder? In our Podcast series Crimes in the ER - Fact and Fiction, Annie Roling never expects to be solving murders as the Administrator of the Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Room. Until the night John Lennon died, her life centered on her adored daughter and unequal parts of an old beau, a new fiancé, a detective pal and medical colleagues. She now faces a series of ongoing challenges in the world of suspicious events and mysterious deaths. In the early 80’s ...
Fact and Science Fiction

Fact and Science Fiction

Fact & Science Fiction

A podcast about the real science behind your favorite science fiction themes and tropes. Each episode, I choose a recurring topic or two in science fiction, and then dive into how it works in reality. If you ever wanted to learn more about genetics, virtual reality, or space travel - this podcast is for you. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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King Jim 1 & 6 will come riding on into England and he can’t believe the place. Wealth on display everywhere and he thinks he has hit the jackpot. What can he do with all this money? Spend like crazy is his plan.โดย dickshistory
Jim is having the usual problems of a Scottie king. That is everyone wants to tell him what to do but he just wants to party on. We’ll get his mum Mary dead again. How many times does this poor girl have to die in this podcast? Jim though can get married. Here he is with his missus, Danish Anne and their dear little heir to the missing stone at Sco…
After discecting our Gloriana to give her a performance appraisal, we’ll get into the back story of new boy king Jim. Was he totally glorious from day 1 we all want to know. Of course not.โดย dickshistory
Oh No! Sadly our Gloriana can’t live forever so it will be her heavenly reward this episode. It may be time, poor Betty is losing her marbles. But we will get ourselves up to date on the theatre scene in London with exciting new playwright Will Shakespeare wowing the crowds.โดย dickshistory
How dare anyone to rebel against our Betty. Well the Irish with a 9 year rebellion and resident dickhead Robert Devereux with a 9 minute rebellion. Will the Gloriana win over her enemies? We’ll find out.โดย dickshistory
Our mighty hero sadly will be leaving us. Walter Raleigh will be off looking for El Dorado. Bit tricky given that it doesn’t exist. And Robert Devereux is still wanting to be a mighty hero. Also tricky given that he is not too bright.โดย dickshistory
It’s the historical murder mystery that won’t be solved. Plus trouble in Ireland (who would have thought that?) Francis Drake will be busy in the admin dept and Walter Raleigh can get out of the slammer with a large sum of cash involved.โดย dickshistory
Yes, Walter Raleigh has been a bad, bad boy and Betty is very cross. But has she missed that the real bad boy is Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex. We’ll also meet ancient Katherine Fitzgerald who may not have even existed.โดย dickshistory
Betty’s best boy Robert Dudley is off to heaven making England a better place. But there’s plenty of new boys hanging out wanting to be the next best boy. Rising to the top of the pack is another wanker – Robert Devereux. Joining Dudley in heaven will be our spymaster Walsingham. And sorry to tell you but mighty hero Francis Drake will have a dud m…
Well here it is. A monumental battle that will go down in history as a magnificent victory by the English over the evil Spanish empire. So of course it isn’t like that at all. But Betty will get the chance to dress up in her metal outfit and make a magnificent speach.โดย dickshistory
It’s not all messing around with boats – other people want their story told. Let’s get into some wife swapping with weirdo Dr John Dee (not as much fun as it sounds) and check in on Bess of Hardwicke’s slow moving train wreck of a marriage and kill of our Frenchie characters. Here’s pictures of the 3 Henri’s – De Guise, King Henri and Navarre.…
Spanish Phil is over it. He wants to make England Catholic again and has built the biggest fleet of ships ever seen to do over Betty. His warships are very big and scary. But we do have Francis Drake playing on team England. Betty will put on her best frock for a nice publicity painting.โดย dickshistory
Life for Eleanor Butler will not be improving. We’re back off to Roanoke and life for the local people will not be improving. Spanish Phil is trying to put his armada together, but his happiness levels will not be improving. England is facing a rather large invasion so nobody will really be very happy.…
We’ll get Christopher Marlowe settled in as a spook and he can write his first play. Smash hit first go! We can say hi to Walter Raleigh and make a rather poor start to colonisation of America. Then return to the sad story of Eleanor Butler, Countess of Desmond and her man Garrett Fitzgerald, Earl of Desmond. It won’t be a cheery little tale. Here’…
The theatre is going gang busters under Betty’s rule and we have not one but two emerging superstars. Christopher Marlowe, top and young William Shakespeare bottom. These guys will revolutionise English story telling and language. We’ll catch up on France where it is still all going wrong and it’s time to say goodbye to Mary queen of Scots.…
Guys like Cecil and Walsingham think that England would be great again if Mary would just stop breathing. They want her dead and we’ll have a look at just how they will go about doing that. It will be a total stitch up.โดย dickshistory
Betty is getting rather involved in Ireland so I thought we may have a closer look at what’s going on there. It will be the story of Eleanor Butler that will give us that better idea of things. Here’s a picture of her house which now belongs to Andrew Llloyd Webberโดย dickshistory
Bess of Hardwicke will marry George Talbot then score Mary Queen of Scots as a houseguest. That’s enough to break up any marriage. Francis Drake will become a knight and (for your ears only) we find the first ever real 007.โดย dickshistory
But she will start to calm down a bit. Not happy with that hussy Lettice Knollys though. Alencon will pop in for a bit of personal wooing. Walsingham has installed a police state in England and our torture team are going professional. And Francis Drake is ready for more adventure.โดย dickshistory
England is turning into a police state. Short and ugly Alencon will pop on in to woo our Betty but it will all go unhappy when Robert Dudley has a top secret marriage with Lettice Knollys and Betty finds out. Oh dear.โดย dickshistory
Picking this story back up from a long time ago. It started with John Cabot and Henry 7. Henry 8 was just interested in big warships to show off to the girls. Teen king Ted’s man John Dudley got the idea of exploration so we’re off and we’ve got a bit of science on the team.โดย dickshistory
Our humans still can’t get along with the catholic vs protestant stuff. In England we’re getting the puritans looking to be in charge of policy. It’s also time to meet the mysterious Dr John Dee.โดย dickshistory
We’ll be having a nice royal wedding – Catholic Princess Margot to Huguenot King Henri of Navarre to unite our two religions so that peace can descend on France. Then it will be out with sharp pointy weapons to kill, kill, kill.โดย dickshistory
We’re going to have a look at the life of Bess of Hardwicke because we can. She’s a smart operator but can she overcome the burden of being female in the Tudor world is the question.โดย dickshistory
Well, not really. Sir Francis was in France when the Ridolphi plot was uncovered but it’s a nice title. Some people want Betty off the big chair so we have to stop that nonsense. We’ll also meet a couple of courtiers and over in France, we can get Margot married off to Henri of Navarre. Will they live unhappily ever after? Here’s a picture of Betty…
The Scottie Queen is certainly causing headaches for Betty. It’s all a bit of a guessing game as to whether catholic France or catholic Spain may try an invasion to make Mary great again. Fortunately both countries are a bit busy with their own people to be thinking about her too much. Meanwhile, Catherine de Medici will come up with a cunning plan…
Mary Queen of Scots has been stitched up and is side lined but of course she has a cunning plan which involves Tom Howard. Those Howards always seem to think it’s their bum that should be on the big chair. Betty and Catherine de Medici will have a hoot playing marriage games and we’ll score some nice cash from Spanish Phil. Great. Here’s Tom Howard…
France is slipping into civil war with team Catholic vs team Huguenots deciding to hit each other. Mary will get herself out of the Scottie slammer but will she take the opportunity to get to her relatives in France? And we’ll meet mighty hero Francis Drake.โดย dickshistory
Very unhappy times for our Queen of the Scots. It’s not going well at all. Here’s a picture of her 3rd and last husband James Hepburn Earl of Bothwell and all round nasty bit of work.โดย dickshistory
Yes, those Scottie types know how to solve a problem. Just murder whoever is annoying at the time. Here’s a picture of our dashing king Henry of the Scots AKA Lord Darnley.โดย dickshistory
Our Scottie’s know how to solve political problems – a stabbing frenzy will do the job. Will that mean everyone can live happily ever after? This whole thing will be unpleasant for our Queen of Scots. Here’s our victim David Rizzio. Queen Betty meantime is having good times except fort that annoying parliament and it’s going on and on about the suc…
We’ll check in on Nostradamus, Catherine de Medici, Sir Francis Walsingham and John Knox. But the big news is that Mary Queen of Scots is in love. Let’s hope she picked a winner. (She didn’t) Here’s our top spy Sir Francis.โดย dickshistory
The meeting between the two queens is still on again off again. Plenty of marriage proposals will be made but for Betty, our Gloriana virgin it’s all just fun and games. We’ll be off to France to help out our Huguenot mates and in Scotland it is the usual nobles squabbling.โดย dickshistory
Nostradamus is hanging around in France in our timeline so we may as well check him out. We can also get Catherine de Medici up to date and have a nice religious war get underway. All fun as usual.โดย dickshistory
Well to be fair, we have 3 women power players if we also consider Catherine de Medici has managed to sideline the boys in France and is running the show there. That gives us one protestant and two catholic power women but despite the different religions, they all are singing the same song – moderation – live and let live. But will the boys let tha…
Yes she does but is happiness to be found there for our teen Queen? There will certainly be some harsh on the job training in politics and the emerging new religion. Here’s a picture of her in the arrival lounge having a big old spew but like her Mum, Mary was actually a good sailor.โดย dickshistory
It’s he of the sexy legs and tight arse who is hot for our Betty and there should be way more of this stuff in history. But the bigger story going on is the reformation with non sexy types like John Knox who is in our face.โดย dickshistory
We’ll meet Sir Francis Walsingham then check out how things are going in France. (It’s bad) Worse for Mary, her one true love Frankie Snotface is off to heaven. Betty though is going great so there is that.โดย dickshistory
Or maybe not. The official verdict was death by accident but we’re not so sure. And we can have a look at religion. Betty might be inventing the Anglican church for us. Here’s a picture of teen Mary Queen of Scots in her mourning gear – mourning because sadly, this will be the last week for her mum Mary of Guise who will be off to heaven with the a…
Episode 2: According to Saundra Shohen, the actual Administrator of the Emergency Room at Roosevelt Hospital in the heart of New York City, two Johns died on the night of December 8, 1980. One was the world-famous musical icon, John Lennon...the other, an unidentified old man. This John Doe passed away under mysterious circumstances in the room rig…
Here she is in all her glory. The boys of the council are on to her about who are you going to marry and what about religion and other rubbish. Betty will tell them all to take a chill pill and just calm down.โดย dickshistory
Our lady, formerly princess, then back to princess is now queen Elizabeth 1. She’s survived the reign of her family, firstly dad the mad Welsh king, then teen king Ted and finally sister bloody Mary. This week we’ll look back at those fun days through the eyes of our magnificent new queen.โดย dickshistory
Here’s a new player in the game. John Knox, Scottie type and all round fun guy. He has some nice new ideas about how to do religion. Just what we need. Here’s a picture and I must say he looks a little bit like Dr Who.โดย dickshistory
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