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The Punch Out is your daily anti-capitalist news hit. Everything you need to know in 15-to-20 minutes, delivered daily, Monday-Friday at 5pm. Host Eugene Puryear breaks down what's in the headlines, what's behind them and what's not there but should be. It's a mix of analysis and reportage that's all you need on your way home, or wherever you find yourself at 5pm ET.
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Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets on Constitution Day as part of massive ongoing anti-government protests in Haiti. Host Eugene Puryear brings you exclusive eyewitness reporting from the nation's capital, Port-au-Prince.โดย Eugene Puryear
Haitian community leaders explicitly told our team that people in the US should "put pressure on Biden and Harris, get them to stop supporting dictator Moïse." Host @EugenePuryear is on the ground in Haiti with the latest. #FreeHaiti #Haitiโดย Eugene Puryear
“I can say quite clearly, don’t come over” - These were Biden's shockingly blunt remarks directed at Haitians thinking of fleeing worsening conditions under the US-backed dictatorship in their country. Host Eugene Puryear has the latest from Haiti.โดย Eugene Puryear
In our second dispatch from Haiti, host Eugene Puryear takes a look at the brutal effects of foreign-imposed neoliberalism and corrupt domestic capitalism on the country's working class.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Persistent Racism in Youth Jails, The UK’s Bolivia Lithium Grab, Police/Prosecutorial Misconduct Responsible For Most Death Row Exonerations.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Duterte’s Death Squads, Student Protests Brutally Suppressed in South Africa, More Pro-Cop Messaging from Biden Admin.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Lula Wins Major Court Decision in Brazil, Conflict Deepens in Yemen, The Stimulus and the Poverty Wage Economy, The Pentagon’s New Plan for War With China.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: The Number of Incarcerated People Dead from COVID, Texas Gas Companies Block Clean Energy, Five Years On: Still Looking for Justice in Berta Caceres Case.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: TX Utilities Ignored Warnings To Protect Profits, Confederate Statues: 160 Down, 704 to Go, Iran Pushes Back on Biden.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Can't' Blame Clean Energy in Texas Egypt Buys $200 Million in US Missiles Evidence of NYPD Brutality Set To Be Revealedโดย Eugene Puryear
On Todays’ Punch Out: Tens of Thousands of People Didn’t Have to Die, A Closer Look At Dire Situation for US Workers, Virginia Moves to Close Death House.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Exposing Lies About Raising the Minimum Wage, US Subways Have Dangerously Bad Air Quality, Major Oil Spill in California.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Indian Government Cracks Down on Journalists, Haitian People Fight Dictator, US Unemployment Remains Catastrophic.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Left Wins in Ecuador, Second-round Looms, Corrupt Haitian President Cling to Power, USDA Complicity in Meatpacking COVID Outbreaks.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Rich Countries Put Big Pharma Before People, Stimulus Sells Out Low Wage Workers, Left Poised to Reclaim Ecuadorian Presidency.โดย Eugene Puryear
On Today’s Punch Out: Get Out of Jail Free Card for UK Spies, Eviction Resistances Continues During Pandemic, Austin Takes from the Cops, Gives to the Homeless.โดย Eugene Puryear
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