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The Voice of Ethiopia is one of the many multicultural shows broadcasted on CJSW 90.9 FM. The Voice of Ethiopia focuses on current affairs and radio dramas in the Amharic language. We also air a variety of Ethiopian music, some of which very similar to blues and jazz. This program is the only source of information on Ethiopia on Calgary airwaves.
In Ethiopia, 65% of people don’t have access to clean drinking water. In this album we take a glimpse at the struggles Ethiopians go through each day, just to survive. We look closely at the different methods used to improve the quality of life in the rural highlands as well as the conflict between neighbouring farming villages attempting to share the same water supply. This material forms part of the course U116 Environment: journeys through a changing world.
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Playlist: helen bereh - heronaym haimanot girma - gid new zayida - hegere hibist tiruneh - enameral gashaw molla - demo zare sintayehu tesfay - ere gud biniam tesema - ayzosh hager eyrusale - selam yizinash negash - mehija kasahun seid - yewolo lij
Playlist: banchamlak getenet - bereri lgne eyob aseb - yekiber libes sintayehu zeneebe - enekele solomon nigussi - enbe bele keekiyyaa - barraka ittiqaa tafari - galama dhugaa fasildemoze - aresut mohamed ahmed - hageren ahimed teshome - banda nesh
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