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Enbyous is a podcast for those who don't quite fit into gender norms. Lucy, Naomi and Katie talk about a range of topics from the perspective of being non-binary and genderfluid. So whether you are outside the binary or just want to understand more we hope you'll enjoy our podcast.
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How to be 'fluid around your family. Lucy and Katie talk about their relationships with their family and how they support their genderfluid identities, plus - they offer tips on how you can approach the topic with your own family. Disclaimer: this podcast was recorded before the latest Covid Christmas restrictions were put in place!…
In this week's episode, Katie, Lucy and Naomi talk about being genderfluid on social networks. From the murky depths of Tumblr to the influencer heights of Instagram, the hosts share some of the best and worst platforms. What's hot and what's not? And just what the hell is Club Crossdressing...?
Accepting yourself is never easy, especially when you feel different to everyone else. In today's podcast, Katie finds her way out of the wardrobe to join Lucy and Naomi, as we talk about how we learnt to accept our non-binary selves. We hope that this will help to support and encourage you to feel more comfortable in your skin, and maybe even help…
Male, female, and everything in-between, however you present, the fundamental steps are the same. In today's episode, Katie's "locked herself in her wardrobe" - Naomi and Lucy take over the podcast and pack it with tips to help you avoid those fashion and makeup horror stories! Plus, we share our own fashion faux-pas!…
Navigating the dating scene is a tough trip for anyone. So how does one swipe and super-like when expressing multiple gender expressions? Many say honesty is the best policy, so what does that mean in terms of matches and dates. The crew this week talk about dating and relationships and share some different approaches to app dating.…
Where do you fit under the gender umbrella? This week, we take a look at all the terminology used by those who identify as non-binary. We each discuss our own perspective on our gender identities and ask: is the term "crossdresser" still relevant? From the modern world to ancient Greece, join us for the lowdown on pronouns!…
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