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Link to lyrics: https://sites.google.com/site/durhammusicservice/durham-music-singing-podcasts An exciting new resource for all Key Stage 2 Primary Pupils. Two new pieces learnt in each weekly episode. Singing technique and accompaniment is all part of the weekly download. Sung by members of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain featuring music from Sing for Pleasure https://www.singforpleasure.org.uk/ plus other pieces. Narrated by Caitlin Mayall
The torpedo submarine's inventor, Jack Farnum, is looking for investors to help him kick his new shipyard into high gear. He already has his crew set, with sixteen year old Jack Benson as the captain, and his friend Hal Hastings running the engines. But, there may be some changes to the crew of the Pollard on the horizon. - Summary by Ann Boulais
It is a wonderful December day in Spruce Beach, FL, and everyone is waiting, waiting for something special that has been promised. The "Benson", the fast submarine built by the Pollard Submarine Boat Company, is set to arrive. But, there are more people who are interested in the "Benson" than those picnicking on the beach. Who could they be? (Ann Boulais)
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Pastor Lawrence continually reminds us that the Christian life is one of tension. Tension over theological issues , over ministry philosophy issues, and over pragmatic issues regularly arise in the Church. So we often ask the question, how do we live out our Christina faith individually and in community, as we see and experience tension? Join Pasto…
Pastor Jonathan Barbee emphasizes the various ways Jesus Christ was pierced for us - His piercing on the cross was not merely suffering - but a fulfillment of Scripture and atonement for our sin. Easter April 4, 2021โดย Bethesda Baptist Church Durham
Pastor Danny and Pastor Eric are joined by Erika (Director of Women's Care) & Megan (Director of Children's Ministries) to discuss all things regarding the spiritual disciplines! What disciplines have worked, what disciplines come naturally, and what disciplines feel "least likely to succeed".Here is a blog post that summarizes the 12 disciplines f…
Pastor Jonathan Barbee continues the series on the "Permanence of Marriage" while showing how God includes the gift of singleness from Matthew 19 and 1 Corinthians 7. "Receiving the Call of Singleness". March 21, 2021.โดย Bethesda Baptist Church Durham
Pastor Lawrence, Pastor Danny, and Pastor Eric sit down to discuss all things going on at Waypoint lately- from the Sermon Series, Bible Reading Plan, to Lent and this year's upcoming Holy Week.Music: Electronic Fish by Cat Miller Music feat. Nathan Walkerโดย Waypoint Church
Pastor Danny and Pastor Eric are joined by Dr. Kenan Penaskovic, Associate Professor and Director of Inpatient Psychiatry Services at UNC to discuss mental health, how the COVID19 pandemic has affected us, and how we as Christians can approach our own mental health and love others who are struggling. Music: Electronic Fish by Cat Miller Music feat.…
The Pastoral team and Erika (Director of Women's Care) discuss how we should view "Heroes of the Faith" and share how various Christians have impacted their faith both personally and broadly through their work. You'll also hear some of their favorite fiction and non-fiction reads as well as each person's superhero preference. Music: Electronic Fish…
Pastor Danny is joined by Pastor Lawrence and Eni Ojo to discuss their experiences growing up in Asian and African families in the USA, the topic of race in our current cultural climate, and how we as Christians can work to embrace true diversity.โดย Waypoint Church
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