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Des O'Connor (@desoconnor__), Cloud Intelligence Lead at Dell Technologies UK is joined by key technologist and expert voices at the cutting edge of Multi-Cloud Solutions to probe key issues and trends. Throughout the Cloud & Clear Series we will address key topics including agility and resilience, cost models, cloud security, technical innovation and sustainability.
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Learn about the significant contribution being made by start-ups as they drive innovation in cyber security. Liz Green is joined by Saj Huq, Chief Commercial Officer from Plexal, and discovers key areas of innovation where start-ups are leading the charge.โดย Dell Technologies
Discover the risks surrounding cyber hygiene, who the main actors are and some valuable practical steps to improving your cyber hygiene. Liz Green is joined by Sian John, Director of Microsoft Security Business Development, and discovers insights into effective cyber hygiene.โดย Dell Technologies
In a multi-cloud world, it’s important to know where to invest to protect all your cloud-based workloads, especially as more and more data is stored and processed in Cloud environments. Liz Green is joined by Danny Johnston, GTM Global Financial Services and Tom Tasker, Senior Storage Solution Architect, both from AWS, and explores how the right pa…
In this episode we take a look at the ecosystem required to build cyber resilience and cyber preparedness. Jim Shook from Dell Technologies explains why it requires an ecosystem made up of internal stakeholders and external partners like Dell, hyperscalers, advisories, service providers and insurers. He also shares some of the perils of overlooking…
Our final episode of the series sees us joined by Dayne Turbitt from Dell Technologies to review key learnings from across the series and discuss how Hybrid Cloud models are the future of driving digital transformation.โดย Dell Technologies
In episode three we’re joined by Margarete McGrath from Dell and Greg Sarafin from EY to take a look at why the ecosystem is becoming a strategic imperative for businesses and the role Cloud plays in delivering them.โดย Dell Technologies
In episode two, John Mariani and Charlotte Harrison-Gates from VMware join us to examine how having the right Cloud architecture can help reduce costs while amplifying business growth and revenue.โดย Dell Technologies
In this episode we are joined by Jonathan Kamminga and Richard Flooks from Equinix to explore what is required to deliver a Cloud Operating Model capable of meeting the demands of today’s digital business.โดย Dell Technologies
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