Death And Dying สาธารณะ
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Two stories about things you weren’t supposed to hear. In the first, “The Desert Rose,” a traveler hears breathing in walls of his motel room. In the second “A Stab of Air,” a curse uttered in one town is heard in another.โดย Justyn Buske
Two stories about moving, moving through time, moving through space, and confronting the next stage of your life. In the first, “Staying the Night,” a cross country move takes a macabre turn. In the second “The Dirt in the Backyard,” an expecting mother, in a new home, starts a garden.โดย Justyn Buske
Two stories of blood. In the first, “Bloodstain,” a couple contends with a mystery stain in their bedroom. In the second, “Bad Tastes,” there’s an interesting side effect of a man’s wisdom teeth removal.โดย Justyn Buske
Lisa and Jer discuss Advanced Directives: What they are, what they are not, why you should have Advanced Directives and their limitations. Jer tells Lisa the story of his uncle who didnt need advanced directives because he knew EXACTLY when he was going to go...โดย Dr Lisa Oliver
Two stories about infection. In, “Just Come Home,” a relationship is infected by an outside force. In “Toe Infection,” you get an ingrown toenail on your toe, that grows into something much worse.โดย Justyn Buske
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016) state that only 3 of 10 individuals die instantly; the remaining 7 will decline as a result of a chronic illness. Lisa and Jer discuss end of life options.โดย Dr Lisa Oliver
Two stories: one that ends, and one that starts, in a grave. In the first, “Resurrection Men,” a pair of body snatchers dig up a corpse. In the second, “The Spiraling Grave,” a woman wakes up in a coffin.โดย Justyn Buske
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