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Senior NFL writer for the Boston Globe talks NFL quarterbacks with Hoch and Crowder including Russell Wilson and the Seahawks rocky marriage and the Patriots future at the position. See for privacy information.โดย
Brian Scalabrine joins Hoch and Crowder to talk Heat and ironically gives Solana more confidence that he can score on actual athletes. Also, we cancel Post Malone. See for privacy information.โดย
If you doubted Biden’s extreme agenda, wait until you meet assistant health secretary Rachel Levine. Also, we’ll have the latest on Andrew Cuomo being accused of sexual harassment. HINT: It involves a game of strip poker. And Obama's doing a podcast with Springsteen? Take a few minutes right now and stop overpaying on your car and home insurance! G…
In the first hour: Celebrating a BARNBURNER with Scottie Pippen! After, Miami Heat Executive VP Michael McCullough joins the show with details of increased fan attendance. See for privacy information.โดย
Miami Heat Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer joins the show to discuss the increase of fan attendance at home games & has details on the new “Earned Edition” Heat jerseys. See for privacy information.โดย
In the fourth hour: Hoch and Crowder love the new Funky Buddha Happy Hour theme song sent to us by a listener. Also, Hassan Whiteside or Boogie Cousins? See for privacy information.โดย
In the second hour: An interesting development reveals Solana was never 3rd team All Dade. After, Post Malone disrespects Miami Dolphins fans and we’re outraged. See for privacy information.โดย
Former NBA player & current NBA analyst discusses the Heat and where they stack up in the East. After, Hoch and Crowder want to know what Scal thinks of Solana calling himself an athlete. See for privacy information.โดย
In the third hour: Kendrick Perkins mispronouncing Vucevic leads us to some of our best mispronunciations. After, blowing Deshaun Watson away from Houston. See for privacy information.โดย
Board certified internist in South Florida joins the show for details on the injuries Tiger Woods sustained in a car accident yesterday and a Covid-19 update. See for privacy information.โดย
In the first hour: Hoch can’t get over a BAD BEAT he suffered last night. After, did Bam & Jimmy get snubbed? Clay Ferraro of Local 10 joins the show. See for privacy information.โดย
Did Bam Adebayo & Clay Ferraro get snubbed for the All-Star game? Hoch and Crowder discuss with the Local 10 sports anchor and reporter who also sides with Hoch on a controversial take. See for privacy information.โดย
Twitter SUSPENDED our account for a short video simply saying we independently found voter fraud. HUGE mistake on Twitter's part. We also recap Tuesday’s hearings on the Capitol riot. And why is it okay for Joe Biden to put “kids in cages"? Use promo code FIGHTLIKEHELL for $30 off #MugClub: GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTE…
In the second hour: The boss joins the show! Len, a radio professional, warns Solana of the dangers of radio people thinking they can compete with athletes. See for privacy information.โดย
Miami Heat TV analyst John Crotty played 11 seasons in the NBA... Solana did not. Hoch and Crowder ask Crotty if he could hold Solana scoreless in a game of 1 on 1. See for privacy information.โดย
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