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Creekside Church (formerly Cornerstone Community Church) is a place for you and your family to grow with us as we worship God and serve Him and others. We’re a non-denominational church meeting Sundays at 2743 82nd Place in Urbandale, IA. There’s something for you at Creekside, where you’ll find friendly faces of all ages and walks of life gathered to worship Jesus Christ and follow God’s word, the Bible. Visit our web site for directions and details.
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Many people seek spiritual nourishment, but how do we know when we are being spiritually nourished? Here Peter says that spiritual nourishment rightly understood is found in Jesus Christ and will be reflected in growing obedience to Jesus Christ, desires which align with God’s desires, finding meaning and significance everyday, and taking courageou…
Sermon, "Discipleship Begins in the Home," by Pastor John Lippard during the Morning Worship Service on Sunday, May 9, 2021, at Calvary Baptist Church in Battle Creek, Michiganโดย Sermons
Motherhood consists of moms from all across the board: working moms, stay-at-home-moms, single moms, adoptive moms, empty-nesters, and moms of children with special needs just to name a few. These moms gather and share what being a mom means to them, each coming from their own unique perspective.
God is the main subject of Psalm 139, not David, not you, and not me. *v.1-6 - God is omniscient. The God who knows everything knows you: your actions, your heart/mind, your words, and your future. *v.7-12 - God is omnipresent.God’s presence has been, will be, and is now with His children. At all times and in all places, God is fully present.*v.13-…
A new VIDEO from Flat Creek Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Mothers Day 2021 Speaker: Earnest Carey Broadcaster: Flat Creek Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/9/2021 Length: 62 min.โดย Earnest Carey
'Here's the thing. These parties are not great. Last year it went until 3 am, And Twyla just wandered around kind of winking at everybody, until she realized she hadn't picked a murderer. And then the year before there were three murderers, and one of them actually robbed the cafe!' In our latest episode, Carla calls Paul out for laughing at here a…
Watch OCR: Spring Break LIVE Thursdays 6pm PT - Owl Creek Ridge: Spring Break is a LIVE Kids on Bikes adventure actual play on Twitch WATCH US LIVE EVERY WEEK ON TWITCH | Support Dragons and Things on Patreon: Support Bedlam and Discord on Patreon: ht…
Sermon Direct Link 4/25/20 Rev. Clint Smith Real Hope – He Speaks Your Language – Acts 26:1-32 Paul beautifully described his life before putting his faith in Jesus Christ. In his story, he shares how he met Jesus and how Jesus changed his life forever. He openly and honestly shared his life experience to anyone who would listen. He had a story to …
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