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Createquity Podcast

Createquity Podcast

Createquity/Fractured Atlas

Welcome to the Createquity podcast, a forum for the most important issues in the arts, and what we can do about them. Hosted by Andrew Taylor of the Arts Management faculty at American University and created in a collaboration between Createquity and Fractured Atlas.
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Happy holiday season! The Fractured Atlas and Createquity teams are back with another installment of the Createquity podcast, this time highlighting different perspectives on how to approach the issue of cultural equity.In surveying the history of the movement for cultural equity, it became apparent to Createquity researchers that the term itself c…
Guest Rebecca Yenawine (bio below) explains how she uses television media to engage low-socioeconomic-status youth in the Baltimore area. Hear about the impact she feels media has on the health of our communities.โดย Createquity/Fractured Atlas
Guest Qui Nguyen talks to us about his experience in both the theatre and television worlds. Hear about how he feels the two industries interact and impact the health of the overall arts industry. Can television be a stable and even desirable form of employment for creative artists?โดย Createquity/Fractured Atlas
Guest Louise Geraghty provides a quick rundown of the research Createquity has done on this topic. Hear about the impact television may have on our personal health and happiness. Is heavy TV watching in the same category as soda/junk food when it comes to possibly needing some regulation?โดย Createquity/Fractured Atlas
We’ll hear from Theresa Hubbard, Program Specialist in fiscal sponsorship at Fractured Atlas, about how she thinks fiscal sponsorship and the organization’s other programs can help mitigate some of the challenges and risks working artists face. She also discusses her own professional and personal experiences with access to creativity and her views …
Hear about how the decision to become an artist is affected by socioeconomic background and tolerance for risk, and what artists have in common with tech entrepreneurs. This includes a comparison of different state-run programs for artists in countries outside the United States. Our guest on this episode is Michael Feldman.…
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