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Cornerstone Anglican Church (formally known as St Jude the Apostle Anglican Church) is a contemporary church aimed at reaching the generations through dynamic worship and creative arts expressed in our contemporary services and ministry. At the same time we sustain a strong traditional worship style in our traditional services. We look to develop great leaders on the cutting edge of ministry in a rapidly changing world. Over the last five years we have established a new foundation for the li ...
South Church Sermons

South Church Sermons

South Church

South Church is an independent Baptist church located on the southwest side of Lansing, Michigan. The church exists to glorify the God of Heaven by making disciples here on earth. Service times: Balanced - 9:35 & 11:05, Creative - 10:55, Evening - 6:00. South Church 5250 Cornerstone Drive Lansing, MI 48917 517-322-2000
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God is the God of the many and is also the God of the one. When we look at the life of Jesus, we see how He feeds and speaks to the masses. But He also always stops for the one. It’s easy to lose sight of how much He loves us uniquely and individually.โดย Cornerstone Community Church
Cornerstone Church Athens 4680 Lexington Rd. Athens, GA 30605 (706) 549-0000 Facebook - Instagram -โดย Dr. Kirk Walters
Adele shares with us on how God will be our wall of fire and protection as she looks at Zachariah 2:5. Prior to that Nolene sings a song to encourage us. You can find the original song Here – 24 October 2021 Download Audioโดย Cornerstone Church Johannesburg
We continue our study of the most influential, life-changing, worldview-shaping letter ever written: Romans. It is a timeless, divinely-inspired masterpiece on the joy-filled-life-as-it-should-be freedom found in Jesus alone. For eleven chapters, Paul unfolds the heights and depths of the gospel of Jesus. Then, in chapters 12-16, he turns to apply …
Does God hear when people slander Him? Does He hear when they speak truth about Him and trust in Him? The post October 24, 2021: Malachi 3:13-4:3 “Is God Taking Note?” appeared first on Cornerstone Church.โดย Sermon Audio – Cornerstone Church
Mike Plewniak continues our sermon series "Philippians: Joyful Community" through the book of Philippians with this week's message titled "Faithful Citizens", from Philippians 1:27-30.โดย Cornerstone Church of Knoxville
This is a service from Cornerstone Church in Bethalto, IL. For more information, please visit us on the web at or search for us on Facebook. The post Greatness through Lowliness – The Way of the Kingdom first appeared on Cornerstone Church.โดย Cornerstone Church
We live in a spiritual world; it is the Bible that helps us to expose the spiritual realm. The word of God is a lens in which we can interpret spiritual experiences. Many times when we face situations, it is easy to believe that we are facing what we can see with our physical eyes and interpret with our brain. But what about the unseen realm? Somet…
We are in a sermon series based on the book Resolving Everyday Conflict. Through this series we will be encouraged and equipped to glorify God, admit mistakes, bring attention to the harm done by others, and seek reconciliation. Peace is ultimately a gift from God and a fruit of the Spirit, but there’s still much we can do to welcome and cultivate …
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