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The #ControlledChaosShow Podcast is a show that consists of passionate, energetic and funny people with a lot to say about everything that's goin on in this crazy world. We're going to touch a lot of topics so tune in. The goal of the show is to talk about things that make you think about things you may have never otherwise thought about. #Podcast #Talk #Goals #Passion #Creativity
25 Years of Controlled Chaos is the radioshow presented by the Hardcore veteran Neophyte. Since his first release in 1993, the notorious Neophyte has captured numerous Hardcore stages and sent countless ear shattering sounds throughout the entire Hardcore scene. His indomitable journey through this industry has been long and hard-fought, but now the time has come to look back on the 25 years of his undeniable legacy! Go back in time with the #1 History of Hardcore podcast. 25 years of music, ...
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Mike chats with Noah Mintz about his tumultuous history with Jian Ghomeshi, playing with his high school bud Paul Hayden Desser, forming hHead with Brendan Canning, the 1993 New Music Search by CFNY, singing Take for Hayden, Broken Social Scene, being the mastering master and more.โดย Toronto Mike
Mike chats with Ashley Buchholz and Jason "Human Kebab" Parsons from Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker about why USS is calling it quits, the new album, what's next for the duo, Martin Streek, hHead and more.โดย Toronto Mike
To kick off 2021 Bob's Basement goes big. The one and only Toronto Mike talks all things change. Toronto Mike is an entrepreneur who has embraced change throughout his life. Bob and Mike talk career changes, family changes and Bob gets Mike's perspective about the changes to on of their shared loves: the fine city of Toronto.…
Mike chats with Carla Collins about her years on television and radio, stand-up comedy, making the move to California, the passing of her beloved mother, and her new podcast Carla Collins Rox the Elmo.โดย Toronto Mike
The CCC boys are back in a socially distanced manner for a WinterFest 2020 special discussing the current world climate, how Sonic 06 is better than you remember and BDX's Breath of the Waifu addiction. There's also a contest all about guessing the "demixes" of various Sonic tracks. All this plus some exciting RadioSEGA news on the WinterFest 2020 …
Mike chats with Toronto boy Eric Bauza about his career voicing such iconic animated characters a Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, his love for retro Toronto nostalgia, the problem with Ren and Stimpy, and so much more.โดย Toronto Mike
Mike chats with Troy and Chad from Great Lakes Brewery during their Hops for Hunger event in support of Daily Bread Food Band. Andrew Manson from Daily Bread Food Bank joins in as hunger jams are kicked out. This episode was recorded outside during what felt like a typhoon.โดย Toronto Mike
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