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The Consumer Reports Podcast is a series of news and investigative audio programs from the independent, nonprofit member organization Consumer Reports. Each episode will dive deep into important issues facing consumers, who CR works side by side with for truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace. Together we are creating a fairer, safer, and healthier world.
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The popularity of CBD, or cannabidiol, has skyrocketed as people hope it'll solve a wide variety of ailments. But whether it actually will remains uncertain. Consumer Reports' Lisa Gill and Elliot Weiler discuss the compound's potential benefits, and potential problems, too.
Squeaks, hums, rattles, beeps, chirps, chimes, whines, thumps, bangs—all sorts of noises come from the devices and machines in our homes, and they are more than merely annoying. Hear how Consumer Reports testers work to find the quietest products for you, and how one engineer works with companies to fine tune product noises.…
The great road trip is a seminal part of American life, whether it's with your family or people you just met. Hear three people tell their stories, along with expert advice from Consumer Reports that'll make your road trip even better.
The CR Podcast “A Hazard In Plain Sight” looks at the devastating issue of unstable furniture and its life-threatening danger to small children. CR releases its latest test results proving safer dressers are possible now. But is the furniture industry willing to adapt?โดย Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports investigates the issue of “Exploding Sunroofs” in which sunroofs on cars of all makes and models explode with little or no warning, putting the driver at great risk. In this narrative audio documentary, a first from CR, hear from drivers whose sunroofs exploded as they drove along familiar roads in pristine conditions. Learn how th…
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