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Uncle Barrett's Comedy Catapult is a weekly talk program which enriches the lives of billions of good-looking listeners each Tuesday. With an assembly of compelling guests, heart-wrenching stories, and cold hard tell-it-like-it-is journalism, the Haunted Comedy Catapult has repeatedly shattered space and time itself with revelations not unlike those read about in ancient texts. "Are you within range of the Haunted Comedy Catapult?!" - Bill Paxton, 1957, Florida Panhandle.
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Barrett explains why fast food restaurants should always use fictional characters. Also, there's some gibberish about bringing babies to work. We'll visit the "Tech Korner" with Walter Cornsworth! British Celebrity Chef Clyve Doogenbury stops by. A scathing round of "Would You Rather" finishes up the show.…
Clyde tells a truly "Vegas" story. A motivational speaker reveals the true mystery of inspiration. Morty Moonbeam tells us the weather around the globe from his new basement studio that he's not allowed out of. Listener testimonial gets real about reptiles.โดย
Barrett explains locked public restroom door etiquette. A fitness expert dispels myths about carbs. A spiritual expert chimes in on how to stay connected. A touching testimonial from a listener.โดย
Barrett overcomes technical difficulties whilst facing the harsh realities of outsourcing US jobs. We meet HCC's new weatherman, Morty! Witness one of the greatest dancing performances ever seen.โดย
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