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A contemporary 3-part tune by John Reischman, Little Pine Siskin is played in the key of D. To accommodate a down-the-neck solo the cello banjo allowed me to play it in the equivalent of open G tuning, tuned down four steps. A Pine Siskin is a bird related to a finch. John has an affinity for birds!โดย John Reischman
Classic favorite traditional sea song, arranged with... are you ready... bluegrass instruments (banjo, mandolin, guitar, upright bass). And with a more folky than gritty traditional vocal arrangement.A must-have for the music collection of every sailor, drunk or sober!โดย Traditional
The Tune of the Week for Christmas was a unique performance of an old hymn set to a melody from a Johnson Boys version. This arrangement is base on the vocals, as sung by the great presenter Andy Alexis.โดย JanetB
Banjo - aDAdeLearned from my fiddle version of the transcription in Sameul Bayard's "Dance to the Fiddle, March to the Fife". A copy of the notation can be found at:โดย carlb
Banjo - aDAdeHobo Pie (Barbara Johnson and Carl Baron - fiddles, Ray Frick - banjo and Bob Woodcock ? guitar) in a medley with a Ray Frick original ?Cricket in the Wood? (recorded at Gwynedd Friends Coffeehouse in April, 2003) and on the CD "we might as well be live".โดย carlb
A current Tune of the Week, I remembered learning it a while back in a lesson with Adam Hurt. I realized I hadn't done my complete homework at that time (or at least don't have a record of it), so here's my effort starting from scratch by arranging it and taking the A part up an octave. I remember now why I like being a graduated student of Adam. H…
I learned this C tune from a 1931 Okeh recording of the Mississippi old time string bad the Newton County Hillbillies, featuring Alvis Massengale on fiddle. It's a practice recording from a few years ago, uploaded for the 11/11/22 Old Time TOTW. I am three finger picking my 1928 Vega Tubaphone with a semi-fretless conversion neck, in double C tunin…
Another tune from the great Kentucky fiddler J.P. Fraley. I worked this up and uploaded it for the Old Time Tune of the Week for November 4, 2022. I am picking my 1922 Vega Whyte Laydie with a short scale semi fretless conversion neck, in an A variant tuning (aEABE).โดย Don Borchelt
Former Blue Grass Boy Tony Ellis asked that this old tune be shared and hopefully played once again. He learned it from an old friend who learned it as a 9-year-old boy from the "town drunk" who used to busk in Rodgersville, Tennessee. Tony calls the melody simple and old-fashioned. I learned it clawhammer style, though he plays it 2-finger style. …
Three related tunes make for an interesting Tune of the Week. They're from Darley Fulks (Shoe Heels Crackin' on the Floor) and Melvin Wine and Dwight Diller (both playing Boatin' Up Sandy, but differently).โดย JanetB
Taylor Kimble, fiddler from Virginia, recorded Ship in the Clouds for the Library of Congress when Alan Lomax was actively collecting tunes. In this clawhammer arrangement I added 2-finger cello banjo accompaniment. The melodic movement of the tune matches the title, in my opinion. It appears to modulate, but not for long -- a ship floating in clou…
This very syncopated tune was a challenge to arrange. The TOTW presenter, Stephen Rapp, was able to arrange it in a more standard clawhammer style and plays it wonderfully with his fiddling partner, Paul Kirk, Jr. Check it out on the link for TOTW.โดย JanetB
An odd title for a 1920's Kentucky fiddle contest tune. No lions or tigers there, I'd think. The A part seems to have a big cat playing with his prey. The B part he's eating! Change tiger to kitty cat and man to mouse and I can handle the thought, barely.โดย JanetB
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