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Bethalto Church of God

Bethalto Church of God

Bethalto Church of God

Pastor Jacob Skelton leads the Bethalto Church of God in Bethalto, Illinois. BCOG is an exciting church where Christ is exalted and lives are changed! Visit us online at:
Bible studies hosted by Sis. Maria Luisa Piraquive, worldwide spiritual leader of the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International. Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International – CGMJCI
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By Chuck Smith in Vero Beach, FL - August 6, 2022 - Maybe you've been successful in keeping with God's law and following His instruction. What do you still lack? Today, we ponder this important question as we examine one such example given to us for our learning.
In this message, Youth/Associate Pastor Chad Roach and Kids Pastor Sam Baker share about the story of Balaam and the donkey that saw the angel of the Lord. Through this message, they challenge children to listen to their mentors, and they challenge adults to be Godly influences and mentors. The post Family Table Service: Don’t Beat Your Donkey appe…
King David was a man who both experienced trauma and had to work with traumatized people. He was surrounded with emotionally broken people, but was able to make it till the end. In this school of career and business, we will learn how to work with traumatized people.
Podcast Recorded Live From The Worship Services Of The Stanton First Church of God in Stanton, Kentucky. If You Need Prayer, You Can Submit Your Request Via Our Website At For More Information, Visit Our Website or Visit Us On Facebook…
Beatitudes - Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness - Ian Seddon - 31 July 2022 by The Church of God in Manchesterโดย The Church of God in Manchester
CGN President, Daniel Russo, sits down with Reinhard Klett to discuss the importance of letting go and the impact it can have on the Christian life. Reinhard is a certified high performance coach and author of the book "Letting Go Saved My Life".โดย Church of God Network
“So Small” This message looks at the only story of Jesus’ ministry that is found in all four gospels. It focuses on a small detail that is easily overlooked but has big implications. As you listen to the podcast, you can follow along at you Full Service Available on Facebook and YouTube Meridian Church of God Faceb…
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