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Rev. Matt Williams continues discussing our blind spots. Do we see the blind areas in our lives or do just not want to see them? Maybe we just can't see them right now. God will reveal the areas we need to address and the issues we need to resolve.โดย Jim
“Double Vision”: Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount ends with a story of a person whose house survived a storm and another person whose house was destroyed in the storm. This series explores what Jesus said about how to survive the storms of life. Full Service Available on Facebook Meridian Church of God Facebook Page Meridian Church of God YouTube Channel…
Pastor Peter continues his series in the book of Revelation, focusing on the 7 letters to the 7 churches found in Chapters 2&3. Please enjoy this content from Glenmachan Church Of God. Feel free to subscribe to our channel to enjoy past and future content.โดย Glenmachan Church Of God
Did Jesus actually die? If so, what happened to the body? Was it stolen? Did people imagine seeing Him? Is it all a clever invention? Or is there something bigger going on? Faith requires us to believe even with the possibility that something...โดย Monroe City First Church of God
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