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Calvary Chapel Fergus Falls - Simply Teaching the Bible Simply - We exist to see people come to Jesus and grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Enjoyed this message? We encourage you to share it with others. If you would like to help us change lives give online at:
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Deuteronomy 3 “Israel Near the Promised Land”1. Defeating the evil Amorite nation (v.1-11)2. Preparing to conquer Canaan (v.12-20)3. Moses sees the promised land (v.22-29)โดย Tim Molter
Deuteronomy 2 “Israel’s March to the Promised Land”1. Avoiding the family of Esau (v.1-7)2. Avoiding the families of Lot (v.8-25)3. War with the Amorite kingdom (v.26-37)โดย Tim Molter
Deuteronomy 1 “Learning from History”1. Previous call to enter the land (v.1-8)2. Leaders appointed to help (v.9-18)3. Previous failure to trust God (v.19-33)4. The wait for a new generation (v.34-46)โดย Tim Molter
Numbers 35-36 “Finding Refuge and an Inheritance”1. Cities for the Levites (ch.35:1-8)2. Cities of Refuge (ch.35:9-34)3. Inheritance in the Land (ch.36:1-13)โดย Tim Molter
Numbers 33-34 “Israel’s Journey and Boundaries”1. The long and winding journey (ch.33:1-49)2. The fallen world's influence (ch.33:50-56)3. The borders of the land to inherit (ch.34:1-12)4. The inheritance and leaders (ch.34:13-29)โดย Tim Molter
Numbers 32 “Settling For Less Than God’s Best”1. Desires to do it our way instead (v.1-5)2. Discouragement is contagious (v.6-15)3. Discipline if they delay to help (v.16-32)4. Determined to divide the nation (v.33-42)โดย Tim Molter
Numbers 31 “War With Midian”1. Punishment of Midian (v.1-5)2. The war begins (v.6-11)3. The return from war (v.12-24)4. No casualties for Israel (v.25-54)โดย Tim Molter
Numbers 28-29 “Celebrations with a Purpose”1. The daily, weekly, and monthly offerings (ch.28:1-15)2. Passover and the Unleavened Bread Holiday (ch.28:16-25)3. Pentecost and the Feast of Weeks Holiday (ch.28:26-31)4. Civil New Year and the Feast of Trumpets (ch.29:1-6)5. Repentance and the Day of Atonement (ch.29:7-11)6. Thanksgiving and the Feast …
Numbers 26-27 “The Next Generation”1. The 2nd numbering of Israel (ch.26:1-4)2. The military list of able men (ch.26:5-65)3. The inheritance law for the land (ch.27:1-11)4. The new leader God appoints (ch.27:12-23)โดย Tim Molter
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