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Political data scientist and Obama campaign veteran David Shor joins and we try to act professional while discussing:* The 2020 campaign and what the hell just happened* Why the polls sucked* The rise of authoritarianism * How Democrats can winโดย Centrist Madness
Everything has to be perfect for our interview with Instagram star smallpapa, so we're crossing the t's, dotting the i's, and double-dotting the umlauts to make sure it goes off without a hitch!โดย Centrist Madness
An inside look at Sam Grady's explosive campaign to recapture Ohio District 2 state house seat. PLUS the meg bitchell incident and young bernie: hot or not? Steve stops by to talk about China but it never really happens.โดย Centrist Madness
Are you seriously doing the thing where you're pretending that a handful of illustrative examples are supposed to be exhaustive? Subquestion: are you ready to catch a block? Because this is some pretty bad faith garbageโดย Centrist Madness
Funny-man Josh Androsky released Democracy Dies After Dark, a tour de force comedic performance which knocked our collective dick in the dirt. We add our fresh commentary, and post-commentary commentary for a hard hitting ep you won't want to miss!โดย Centrist Madness
10 years in the making, featuring our deftest stylistic and editorial innovation to date, this 3rd recorded, heretofore unreleased episode introduces audiences to The DSA Juggalo in addition to 'in field' recordings remarkable for their gritty realism. WHOOP WHOOP!โดย Centrist Madness
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