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Welcome to CelebrityNetwork.com, I’m your host, Lana Valentine. Our guests today are the very beautiful and talented Terry Moore and Jane Russell. These two remarkable women have made well over 100 films, and have worked with some of the most handsome and accomplished leading men in the industry. Today you’ll get to eavesdrop on a telephone convers…
The making of The Oulaw. The infamous Howard Hughes bra. Subscribe via iTunes or click the player below to listen on your computer. The post Conversational Interview with Jane Russell (Part 2 – audio podcast ) first appeared on CelebrityNetwork.com.โดย CelebrityNetwork.com
An interview with legendary movie star and producer, Terry Moore. About her early career and marriage to Howard Hughes. David LeVine, a good friend for years, interviewed Terry in July 2006. The post Interview with Terry Moore (audio podcast) first appeared on CelebrityNetwork.com.โดย CelebrityNetwork.com
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