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To grasp, understand and comprehend, how amazing, revolutionary, significant, the church is PAUL writes that Each person is a living illustration. The Human body. Many parts, diverse functions, some hidden, some prominent, limbs, organs, cells. Diversity, without CONFORMITY functioning in perfect UNITY…
The Western idea of following Jesus is that he makes my INDIVIDUAL life better or more enjoyable. Like social media celebrity Christianity/church - Do a great work for God - Be Popular. Be Great. Be Successful. Jesus SHOCKS his disciples when halfway through his ministry he clearly/PLAINLY explains where all this is heading - the cross…
Walking in a full expression of our FREEDOM requires understanding the families we grew up in. The way we DID things/what we LEARNED/SAW/experienced become like unspoken RULE, VALUES, and WAYS of doing LIFEโดย Jamie Lee
Find Freedom Try StepsWhat do we do with our pain? Where do we turn when we experience pain/disappointment/stress? Where do we flee? What gives us temporary relief/numbing and distraction? At the root of a destructive thought pattern/behaviour is PAIN. THINGS/ THOUGHTS to distract/numb/comfort some pain or relieve the pressure we are experiencing.…
Jesus is at work and He is INTERCEDING on our behalf CONSTANTLY! It a manifestation of his heart that He would intercede. Every day, he leans and intervenes on your behalf. So, HIs intercession applies in our lives what He has accomplished at the cross.โดย Rachel Lee
Through Christ we are totally different people. The Old has Gone, we are now living a new life. We have been raised with him, we are now brand new people. We are glorious and our brand new nature needs to be in the driving seat.โดย Rachel Lee
Legalism is the attempt to earn acceptance or strengthen God’s love via obedience. Legalism looks wise desirable and attractive, but unlike the freedom found in Jesus, legalism creates harsh self reliance, an undesirable life, a tight unattractive restrictive life.โดย Jamie Lee
COLOSSIANS 2:6-15- The full deity of Christ, and His sufficiency in salvation by faith. For us: do we believe in Christ for our fulness? What other “false gods” are we tempted to add on? What other “gods” are we using as substitute saviours?โดย Jo Aiken
A vision Sunday talk based on the documentary Sir Alex Ferguson - Never Give In. The first battle is in our beliefs. God believes in us more than we do ourselves. He wants to persuade and convince us as a local church that We Can Win The league.โดย Jamie Lee
Identity is who we believe we are - Identity shapes our behaviour - the way we live. Not modify your behaviour - but know who you actually are. What Jesus has done - who we now are - This is how to live as a community shaped by Jesus.โดย Jamie lee
Philippians 4:10-23 is a remarkable passage! Paul could have just written a simple “thank you!”, but instead it turned out to be a great insight into what generosity is about and reveals a lot about Paul’s attitude to money and how to find the secret to contentment in life in poverty or abundance.โดย Rachel Lee
Surrendering to God’s willing and doing is a choice, not God doing magic but our conscious mental decision. When we decide to live a certain way and make it an act of our will to follow His will, we discover that the power behind that decision is Holy Spirit. WE are NOT alone.โดย Jamie Lee
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