Carcass สาธารณะ
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Cast: Mini-Dump, Heater, Big Dump, Smelly, Nark with special guest Andrew and Doyle. New studio, new ep, new donkeys, same dirty ol' humor. Featuring shit magnets, dick flicks, yeast infections, Arabian beer goggles and the Belgium dip.โดย chubbycarcass
Cast: Mini, Nark, Heater, Dump, Smelly with special guests Andrew and Doyle. New guests, new stories! featuring awkward jerk offs, double anal fish hooks and breast cancer. Find out Heater's secret and how Doyle became a shit ninja!โดย chubbycarcass
Cast: Mini-Dump, Dump, Nark, Doosh and Smelly The gang discusses bad smells on a plane, hilarious feedback and emails from the fans, and mini gives a shout out to the squatty potty and asks for sponsors *hint hint* ;)โดย chubbycarcass
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