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Closing Captions Opening Hearts

Closing Captions Opening Hearts

The Caption & Transcript Studio

Hello! My name is Mary and I'm in the business of making your videos & podcasts as accessible & far reaching as possible, while helping you grow your beautiful, heart based business. I have started this podcast because, in order to provide the best services for my clients, I like learning all I can about the various methods that people use to spread their message & share their talents. While I do have specific plans about a podcast called "Closing Captions Opening Hearts", to start off, I'm ...
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This is an original, experimental, instrumental creation I made via GarageBand on my Mac, one very late evening when I couldn't sleep. Upbeat and fun! Enjoy!The artwork in image is an original painting of mine called "Silent Scream". Acrylic on canvas.โดย The Caption & Transcript Studio
This is a very small clip from a musical production I created in 2013.Song title "Took a Chance".Calling this clip "Dance!"Song written by Mary Olchowecki & Joshua Hemming. Choreography by Karen Murray.The photo is of some of the costume items I bought for the show.โดย The Caption & Transcript Studio
The Eagle Books are a series of four books that are brought to life by wise animal characters - Mr. Eagle, Miss Rabbit, and Coyote - who engage Rain That Dances and his young friends in the joy of physical activity, eating healthy foods, and learning from their elders about health and diabetes prevention. Knees Lifted High gives children fun ideas …
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