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Since 2005, The Longest Running Holiday Video Podcast! Countdown the days until Christmas with puppeteer Grant Baciocco (The Jim Henson Company, Wet Hot American Summer, Mystery Science Theatre 3000) as he brings you a day by day account of just what is in the advent calendar his mom gave him! Work safe, Family Friendly, Christmas Holiday FUN!
Our January 2022 Calendar features a week of August which has been labeled "X" day. Each day of the month is labeled with its own color. This calendar also comes in wide-ranging sizes including pocket calendars, poster calendars, linen sized planners and personal organizers. We have put everything into creating this free january 2022 calendar printable for you to download and use on your computer, tablet or smart phone today! These calendars are provided in Pdf format so you can print them a ...
Ciao sono Annarita e sono studiosa e ricercatrice della cultura Maya-Tolteca. In particolare mi appassiona il calendario sacro Maya, lo Tzolkin. Ho pensato di mettere a disposizione le meditazioni dedicate alle energie dei Nawales che ci attraversano quotidianamente e che possiamo utilizzare per gestire al meglio la nostra vita e il nostro benessere esistenziale. Ogni giorno avrete disponibile la vostra meditazione quotidiana per concedervi qualche minuto di relax e di profonda connessione c ...
Filmy Calendar Show

Filmy Calendar Show

Radio Nasha - HT smartcast

In this podcast, Satish Kaushik talks about Quirk, Rare Trivia, Bollywood Gossip and more. He digs out important dates that changed the course of things in Bollywood. Tune in to treat the Bollywood Bug in you.This is a Radio Nasha production, brought to you by HT smartcast.
The Chiswick Calendar

The Chiswick Calendar

The Chiswick Calendar

Editor of The Chiswick Calendar Bridget Osborne spent many years as a journalist at the BBC before setting up The Chiswick Calendar website - - in 2014. Having produced many interviews, from actors and entertainers on BBC Radio 4's Midweek programme to politicians and heads of state on BBC World News TV's HARDtalk, she's completely at home talking to interesting people about everything from their childhood recollections to their impact on the world stage.
The Reno Fly Shop Podcast - A Fly Fishing Podcast with Special Guests, the Fly Fishing Report for Northern Nevada, California and Pyramid Lake and our Shop Events Calendar
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It’s 1988, and we’re staring intensely at the totally nuts series finale of The Care Bears Family, the Care Bears’ last TV appearance for 16 years. Full show notes with links at **** 🎙 Guests: • Lindy Kempe (@ieatvideogames). • Karen Flieger (@karenflieger8) from The Retro Network. …
G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷ v.i.i.iโดย G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷
Episode 53 - Conducting a Residential Real Estate Closing in CT Pt. 1This week on Calendar Call, Mike is discussing the ins and outs of residential real estate closings with Attorney Richard Florentine. The first part of this discussion focuses on the responsibilitie…
It’s 1988, and we’re getting lit at Bubbe’s Boarding House for Hanukkah. Take a spin with us as we meet a bunch of puppets you’ll never hear from again. Full show notes with links at **** 🎙 Guest: • April Ryley (@Where2NextApril, @motherchristmascosplay). **** 💬 Topics & Tangents: • A Simpson…
A printable December 2021 calendar in multiple styles and for various use cases. Any of the calendar templates below are suitable for jotting down notes, keeping track of to-dos, and marking down important dates and events like birthdays or anniversaries. They make great organizers on their own as well. Print december 2021 calendar and enter your h…
We are excited to announce the podcast for our 12 Days Of Christmas Beer Advent Calendar collabroation with Batch Brewing Company is launching with Day 1 on Tuesday Dec 14th!โดย Bucket Boys Craft Beer Co
G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷ v.i.iโดย G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷
G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷ v.iโดย G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷
It’s 1963, and we’re watching a show about a show within a show putting on a show for Christmas. Don’t ask us to make sense of it. We can’t stop tripping over our own home furniture. Full show notes with links at **** 🎙 Guest: • Tim Babb from the Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (@…
G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷ i.vโดย G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷
G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷ i.i.iโดย G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷
G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷ i.iโดย G̸®̶@̴n̴†̸'̵s̷ ̵@̸d̶v̴3̸n̷†̵ ̸C̷@̴l̶3̶n̸[̸)̵@̸®̸ ̷
It’s 1982, and we’re walking in the air. The Advent Calendar House takes flight for its 7th season as we melt over a British Christmas classic and a personal favorite I wish was more beloved stateside. Full show notes with links at **** 🎙 Guest: • Adam Parker Sibun from the Merry Britsmas Podcast (…
Episode 52 – Rule 1.15 Liens and Other Interests in Personal Injury Cases Pt. 2 This week, Mike is finishing his discussion with Lincoln Woodard, principal in the firm Walsh Woodard LLC, about Rule 1.15 liens and other interests in personal injury cases. They cover Rule 1.15 and the commentary before covering 5 examples t…
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