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The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast offers personal, practical coaching lessons that take the mystery out of leadership. In each episode of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, Craig brings you empowering insights and easy-to-understand takeaways you can use to lead yourself and lead your team. You’ll learn effective ways to grow as a leader, optimize your time, develop your team, and structure your organization.
My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

Mark Palmer Steeves Jr.

Does your family think your crazy? So does mine. Join me 2 or more a week, Host Mystic Mark as we discuss out of the box concepts with people who take the road less traveled. From Bizarre Events, Conspiracy, Mystery, Intrigue, Spirituality, Paranormal, Supernatural, Alternative, Ancient, Lost to Forbidden Knowledge Ancient Wisdom and so much more! Not exactly dinner table conversation, Right? ...Join us on The My Family Thinks I’m Crazy Podcast every week where these topics and discussions a ...
Confessions of a CRA

Confessions of a CRA

Jasmyn Adams

Confessions of a CRA is the podcast for Clinical Research Associates and Aspiring CRA (people trying to break into the CA role). This podcast provides transparent interviews and conversations with real life, true stories of Clinical Research Associates where we discuss their journey of how they got started, life as a CRA, and where they are now. This podcast was created to give CRAs and Aspiring CRAs hope, courage, guidance, and empowerment, so
Crazy Town

Crazy Town

Under Produktion

Kringlan och Josefinito berättar om vad som hänt sen sist. Josefin Johansson är komiker och artist, har skrivit och agerat för radio, TV och scen sen 2006. Kringlan Svensson är komiker och författare, har gjort typ samma, ungefär lika länge.
crazyagrijapan-CAJへようこそ!農業RADIO農家が集まってぐだぐだやってます!たまに役立つ情報がねむってるかも!・・・ 農系ポッドキャスト crazyagrijapan-Welcome to CAJ! Japan Agricultural RADIO Farmers are gathering and doing a lot! You may find useful information occasionally! ...
Welcome to the CRA Podcast. I’m Linda Ezuka, your host and Founder of CRA Today and the CRA Hub. This podcast is part of my mission to transform communities through the power of economic development and the Community Reinvestment Act. For a deeper dive into community development concepts, join your CRA colleagues in the CRA Hub, a membership for bankers to connect and master the art of the CRA.
America’s Leading Fractional Chief Information Security Officer. My team and I usually start with a scan of all devices on your network to determine what needs to be secured. Then we work with you to develop a complete plan to secure what needs to be secured on your networks. In certain cases, my team and I will help businesses source, monitor, and run their cybersecurity. I've been providing Cybersecurity to enterprises of all sizes, and Federal and State agencies since 1991.
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In this episode, Jasmyn discusses: How to assess where you are in your Clinical Research Associate) CRA job search journey How to determine what your assessment means (are you ready to apply or do you have some skills/experiences gaps that you need to fill) How to diagnose your specific problem The importance of working on your mindset, specificall…
There are a wealth of opportunities to serve aspiring entrepreneurs and established small businesses! Consider the following opportunities to diversify your portfolio of existing community development services and ensure that some of them meet the “Economic Development” community development purpose. • Contact your local CDFIs and other small busin…
Why Didn't the Cops Go In Thank you to our Top Patreon Supporters! Andrew and Connie, Christine, Gary, ETW, Chuck, Dee, Pamela, Jacquelyn, Rich, Rick, Nick. Support the show and become a Patreon Supporter All my Linksโดย Brian Craig
Craig and Mark recap Golden State eliminating Dallas to move on to the NBA Finals, and the guys preview Game 6 between Miami and Boston tonight! See for privacy information.โดย WWLS The Sports Animal 98.1 FM
Craig previews Game 6 between the Heat and the Celtics with Boston being one win away from the NBA Finals against Golden State! See for privacy information.โดย WWLS The Sports Animal 98.1 FM
Ellen says goodbye, Amber breaks down and #SpoilerAlert it's time to talk about Ozark!! What we're best at grilling.Craig's becoming a house-maid. The Michelob Ultra golf fan gets a deal! And there's something called Sex Amnesia (and no it's not just that you can't remember the last time you got some!!!)…
Illuminati Confirmed 8: Michael Wann joins us to discuss his immersion into the mysterious Susquehanna River, its history, significance and role in shaping our country. He explained the synchronicity that propelled him into his signature gonzo style of synchro-mysticism. As well as a recent "meeting" with a group of masons, which gave way for a bro…
Due to yet another mass-shooting, I felt the need to snarkily refute the ten favorite NRA/GOP talking points surrounding gun-reform. Books Blog Twitter Facebook…
Craig, Mark, and Brad react to Berry Tramel's column discussing Patty Gasso's place among the greatest coaches in OU history! See for privacy information.โดย WWLS The Sports Animal 98.1 FM
Depp/Heard is almost done. We almost lost "The Dude" & Ellen's final show. Things Old People complain about. What time is actually "Fashionably Late"?Shirtless profile pics don't work. And do you take a plus 1 to a wedding?โดย 94.9 The Rock
Craig talks about skunks, getting old, and staying away from the devil. Get your tickets now for The Loosey Goosey Tour! - Follow Craig! Twitter - IG - Merch -โดย Craig Conant
"Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone - Simple Truth's for Life's Complex Journey" - Part Four Did you ever have one of those surreal moments when it seems like something snaps in your head and suddenly you see everything like you never saw it before? Have you experienced those times when things unexplainably shift and they don’t look at all the same …
Craig and Coach discuss possible changes to College Football's playoff structure and the next great QB named Manning! See for privacy information.โดย WWLS The Sports Animal 98.1 FM
Craig recaps Dallas' win over Golden State in Game 4, recaps a crazy win for the San Francisco Giants, and discusses the All NBA Team! See for privacy information.โดย WWLS The Sports Animal 98.1 FM
We've found the cure for Monkey Pox...marriage!Craig's celebrating a Big Birthday! (Don't ask to see the candle!!!)Can anyone make sense of the Texas Shooting?Ted Reader is grilling up Bacon-Wrapped ShrimpAnd more #RandumbFactsโดย 94.9 The Rock
Peace over Everything (Daily Practices) Good Programming Vs. Bad Programming in our community. --- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
What kind of thinking leads to the unleashing of exotic species on unsuspecting ecosystems? Hint: it's certainly not systems thinking or critical thinking – in fact, thinking may not be involved at all! Learn about three charter members of the Weirdo Hall of Fame who wanted you to eat tasty McHippo bacon burgers for breakfast. Influenced by the ill…
Ryan Sprague, Host of Highly Optimized and This One Time On Psychedelics, Co-Creator of The Connect With Cannabis Program, Joins me to discuss how his journey with cannabis started, his podcasts, and his profession connecting people with cannabis in order to achieve a harmonious relationship with the plant. Ryan and I discussed his Father's treatme…
Due to the recent sexual-misconduct allegation made by a SpaceX flight attendant against Elon Musk, I decided to concoct a Letterman-style Top Ten List of Elon Musk pick-up lines. Drumroll please... Books Blog Twitter…
When it comes to inflation and baby-formula shortages, the GOP is like that guy who posts on Facebook how wonderful his wife is right after sleeping with her best friend and just before getting it on with a girl from the club he calls Donkey Kong. This episode is all about GOP hypocrisy, bigly. Books…
Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is the Dr. Phil of Ron Burgundys. The guy loves to hear himself speak and often times doesn't know what the hell he's talking aboot. In this episode, I tackle Peterson's rampant sexism via a fictionalized dialogue between him and a female patient who goes by the name Serendipity Sasquatch. Books https:…
I was recently told racism wouldn't exist if people stopped talking about it. Then the Buffalo shooting occurred. In this episode, I get snarkily psychological (or is it psychologically snarky?) about racism in this country. ...and yes, the title was inspired by Mr. Psychology himself, George Costanza ("It's not a lie...if you believe it"). Books h…
NewsMax Hires Greta Van Susteren Thank you to our Top Patreon Supporters! Andrew and Connie, Christine, Gary, ETW, Chuck, Dee, Pamela, Jacquelyn, Rick, Rich, Nick. Support the show and become a Patreon Supporter! All my LINKS…
Craig, Mark, and Brad discuss Boston's blowout over Miami, Justin Thomas' win at Southern Hills, and the future of the College Football Playoff! See for privacy information.โดย WWLS The Sports Animal 98.1 FM
Craig and Coach discuss the Celtics evening up their series with the Heat, the PGA championship at Southern Hills, and NFL and College Football news! See for privacy information.โดย WWLS The Sports Animal 98.1 FM
Craig discusses Boston's blowout win over Miami and he gives his final thoughts on the PGA Championship at Southern Hills! See for privacy information.โดย WWLS The Sports Animal 98.1 FM
LifeTalk's "Thought for Life" is a weekly one-minute thought that touches on one of today's pressing issues. Each of these brief presentations is centered on one of Craig's personal quotes. All of his quotes are specifically written to challenge, inform, and inspire. Today's thought is: “If I don’t passionately desire freedom for all of my fellowme…
In this episode, Theresa Bouchard Goddard shares: Tips for traveling as a monitor The importance and benefits of having mentors and being a mentor The importance of networking and having colleagues that are aware of your career goals The purpose and composition of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) Daily responsibilities as an Assistant Director of…
Para ouvir online basta dar play, para fazer o Download, clique com o botão direito do mouse em “Download” e vá em “Salvar Link Como”. No 567º episódio do Podcast mais Rock’n Roll da internet Rômulo Metal, Daniel Iserhard, Leandro Pereira e Gustavo Chagas analisam o mais recente disco do Ratos de Porão, Necropolítica, passando faixa por faixa. Dura…
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